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    Talking Warcraft SoundBoard App

    Hi -

    I was reading over the rules and guidelines for the forums and noticed that it specifically states no advertising without administration approval. So far I haven't received a reply from the site admins. I also wasn't sure which forum my post would best belong to: General Discussions, Off-Topic or Fun Stuff.

    Anyway, I recently created an app for Windows Phone: a Warcraft II SoundBoard. It basically lets you play back all your favourite sounds from units to building to spells, and even lets you save them as ringtones or message-tones. The app is free of charge and ad-free as well, so there's no money being made here.

    This is the first app I've ever made and all my WoW/Warcraft friends seem to love it, so I wanted to put the word out and share it with everyone else.

    You can view my app on the Windows Phone store via this link

    I hope you guys like it and have fun setting your message tones to annoyed orcs and frustrated humans


    Mod-note: Fixed your link, people can just click now instead of the previous (Website is a safe location)
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    iPhone version please!

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    Hi Steve!

    I wish I could make one for you, but the unfortunate truth of it is that the entry barriers for iOS app making are to high for me: you have to develop on a Mac computer ($1000+, I don't have one) and pay for iOS licensing ($100+, last I checked).

    It'd be a long time before I saw any kind of "positive return" on that initial $1100 capital... :/

    All that being said, it doesn't stop my Dad from asking about when the iOS version is coming out too.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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