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    New posters should not be able to make threads

    In the last few days some of the forums have been plagued with advertisements for magic and tantras and other bullshit.
    All of these coming from new posters who come and make about 10 threads with these advertisements.
    And while mods are usually fast banning the user and removing these, not even mods are 24/7 here.

    I think that, the same as the with the link limitation, posters should not be able to create threads until they have 10 posts. There's plenty of threads where they can post if they care about the forum life.

    How this helps:
    -advertisers and bots, even if they do make new accounts, will not be able to make new threads, which are seen by everyone
    -advertisers will be forced to throw their ads in other threads which already exist, and many won't bother or their posts won't be so visible to people.

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    Then what is the point of having a forum if you can't post on sign up?

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    Wouldnt make a bit of difference, 10 quick posts of '10 chars pls' in an off topic forum and your posting. Just report the thread and move on, moderation here on mmo champ is far superior to a lot of sites

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    The bots would just spam 10 random posts, then make their thread. No real difference.
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    That is not a good idea, simply because you would deny people that have legitimate questions, and they are more numerous than the "advertisers". What people should do is to report those thread instead of posting in them. When you report something the moderators will get a notification

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    I rarely see "spame" postes, and I often check inn every day at different hours.

    No issue here really - Had guild forums inn the past that was worse.
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    I agree. You should make it 50 posts, not 10, to make a thread. Otherwise a mod has to approve the thread creation. Simple fix.

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    Lots of people sign up on the forums to make guild recruitment thread and having an enormously post count requirement would make things difficult for them. It also would just mean bots would spam more nonsense posts all over the place (which are harder for us to notice) and/or just advertise in-threads instead of making new ones. Remember that no matter what the post requirement is or what hoops we have to make to jump through, these bots are often smart and can get through them, so we have to find a balance between what is convenient to our users. If it's super inconvenient and isn't really impacting bots much more than a lower post count requirement, there's really no reason to have it.

    We don't like spam threads either and try to be really aggressive about removing them. We also have a spam filter, which catches many ones you never even see. When some get missed, please just report them so we can delete them.
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    Maybe set a limit of a cant make a tread for 3 days when joined. (can stil post)
    10 posts should stil be here.
    So if a anti-bot program spots a spambot spaming 10 random giberish you can set a anti-bot to remove them from a forum and ban them instantly. (IP BAN ALSO)

    Bot types in tread 1:aelwjaleja ajkwlejkla weklwaekl
    Bot types in tread 2: iwjeoiajwia wiejiaweji waieiaje
    Bot types in tread 3: eaiwjejawejlakemkleae
    Bot types in tread 4: waeojawepawoe
    System finds out giberish and bans it instantly. (this bot will only activate on a newcomers)

    Its not hard to wait 3 days to post something....heck some forums have 7 days limit before you can even post to avoid spam.

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    Spambots would just post in other topics instead. The only thing these changes would accomplish is annoying regular users. Just report the spam, we will keep removing it, and eventually the spam filter will learn that it is spam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Spambots would just post in other topics instead. The only thing these changes would accomplish is annoying regular users. Just report the spam, we will keep removing it, and eventually the spam filter will learn that it is spam.
    In addition to this, spambots posting their own threads are very clear to us. We're well-versed in the titles of spambot threads and we usually clear away ones you don't even see. It's much, much harder to find a spambot that is posting in a thread (especially copy-post spambots) than one that makes its own clear spam thread.

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