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    Hey guys, just a quick question!

    I'm currently playing survival spec and i'm wondering which trinket would be better for me, I have Heroic AoC and currently i'm using the ticking ebon detonator, i have Haromm's talisman as well.

    If anyone can give me some good tips about which one to use i'd be very grateful!

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    Use your AoC of course, and Haromms talisman.

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    Equal ilevel: haromms

    otherwise use AoC with the higher ilevel trinket.

    Not sure if this counts between normal/warforged/heroic. Sim it to be sure.

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    Even if TED is a say Warforged against non-warforged, Haromm's still wins. Maaaybe Heroic TED against normal Haromm's too.

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    Thanks for the advice!

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