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    H SoO Cooldown's

    Just curious if anyone has a list of boss abilities that require a raid CD/personal CD for each encounter?

    We are having trouble in our 25m with proper Raid CD/Personal CD usage.

    It would be extremely helpful if a Raid Leader out there already has a list of times of when they should be used. (Heroic SoO 25m)

    [Example] Sha of Pride;
    Swelling Pride 1; Paladin1 Devo + Warrior1 Banner
    Swelling Pride 2: Druid1 Tranq + Warrior2 Banner

    (Not saying that that is one, just a quick example of what I am talking about.
    What boss ability would be best dealt with a Raid CD vs Personal CD.

    I hope I am making sense, haha.

    I'm not asking for you to do everything for me, or give me a list of your player classes and their CDs, just when a personal vs raid CD should be used. To look something like this (except I'm looking for a list with all 14 H Bosses n_n);

    [Example2] Iron-J
    Seismic Activity; Personal CD's
    Shock Pulse; Raid CDs

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    This may help you
    Raid Cooldown List per Class

    The question you've asked is pretty much self-explanatory
    Raid wide damage-> Raid wide CD
    Single target damage-> Personal CD

    Almost every fight got both types.

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    It's also very possible to use people's personals as set of raid cds. I don't see point actually creating such list without going too much into specifics (what cds to use when) which are raid dependent. Rule of thumb is what Keosen pointed above me: use raid cds for raidwide damage and personal cds for personal damage.

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    The only time we explicitly called for personals to be used at a specific time during progression were:

    Thok (cds with a set duration are powerful for later screeches)
    Paragons (used if vertex of fire lines, esp if hisek is still up)
    Garrosh (p3 emp whirl and malice 4 soaking)
    IJ (usually for the last shock pulse)

    The abundance of raid cds in 25m make it fairly easy to cover all dangerous situations with them.

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