View Poll Results: Which level 90 would you blacklist from showing up in your random queues?

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  • Gate of the Setting Sun

    28 5.62%
  • Mogu'shan Palace

    9 1.81%
  • Scarlet Halls

    3 0.60%
  • Scarlet Monastery

    4 0.80%
  • Scholomance

    4 0.80%
  • Shado-Pan Monastery

    102 20.48%
  • Siege of Niuzao Temple

    210 42.17%
  • Stormstout Brewery

    42 8.43%
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent

    12 2.41%
  • I would not blacklist any of them!

    60 12.05%
  • I don't run dungeons!

    24 4.82%
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    Siege, mogushan, shadopan

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    if i really have to chose one it would be siege of niuzao

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    Dungeons are fine, I would blacklist that "A Little Patience" scenario.
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    Boils down to "those that feel like taking forever when going through them for the 400th time". So pretty much Siege, Shado-Pan, and Scholomance, the rest is acceptable.
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    temple of the jade serpent, mari takes so long to summon 4 water elementals.. most fights take forever to start cause of the lore bullshit
    stormstout same reason
    and shado pan monastery/ nizao temple/mogushan for the same reasons.

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    Everything but Scholomance.

  7. #47
    Niuzao and SPM, long with lots of downtime.

  8. #48
    None now.
    Siege of Niuzao Temple back then, mostly because it's such an oddball in terms of mechanics. People pulling adds, people ignorant about the bombs, people ignorant about interrupting last boss, people ignorant about sap bombs on 2nd boss throwing on the demolisher pack (ROYALLY FU!).
    Shado-pan Monastery as a 2nd pick, again with the mechanics. Too gimmicky and way too long. Gets annoying with a bad group.

    If they do things right with WoD dungeons (I wager not), we would have no RP sections, no artificial doorstops and no reason to stand still. No roadblocks like the tower boss of Gate where only range can DPS the boss (IF THEY ARE SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THE BOSS' PATTERNS), or the gauntlet boss of Siege.
    Why can't we choose to take the sap down and charge in the big pack?
    We're limited to some mechanics the devs thought would be fun, but they didn't think about players ever returning to the dungeon.

    My picks for Warlords of Draenor will hopefully be 0 blacklisted dungeons. I hope.

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    High Overlord Raic's Avatar
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    I've always hated Stormstout Brewery and I'm not exactly sure why...but that would get my blacklist.

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    Worth all the money Mehman's Avatar
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    Siege of Niuzao.. Second boss is the worst encounter in the history.

    Now, if the waves came when the last one died, it'd be better, but still not remotely decent.

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    Either Shado-pan or Niuzao. Tough choice.

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    Tossup between Shadopan and Niuzao just because of all the forced RP slowing the places down.

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    Siege of Niuzao and Shado-pan cuz 2nd boss RP shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovestar View Post
    So far the following features seem to be the worst for people:
    • Unskippable, repetitive RP
    • Convoluted and unintuitive layouts
    • Long, slow, time-wasting mechanics or pathways with lots of non-combat delays or boring/bland fight chains (Waterspeaker)

    Dungeons which are "boring", but quick, to-the-point, and keep you fighting either trash or bosses basically the whole time seem to be faring a lot better in the poll.
    This really, especially point #1 and #3, dungeons with either of those two tend to quickly become hated among the community.
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    Voted siege of Niuzao. Tons of trash and long tedious bosses, worst of all being that long mantid gauntlet.

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    I don't mind any of the 90s but when leveling I would Blacklist Hellfire Ramparts after doing it 1 or 2 times, I get that one over and over again from level 60 to 64 same with Utgarde Keep when I get to 70.
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    Siege and Shado-Pan, just because I hate seeing them come up in LFD. Nothing anywhere near the horrors that was the Occulus Loading Screen, but still bad

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    I loathed Gate of the Setting Sun but for a while it seemed as if that was the only one I was getting. The boss fight was annoying and the mechanics with the elevators never sat well with me.

    Honestly though, in a general sense I don't like fights involving gimmick mechanics and vehicles of any kind.
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    Out of those choices, none of them. While leveling? Dire Maul and Blackrock dungeons. Any of them. I have to avoid random queueing just before BC just to make sure I don't end up in either BRS disaster.
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    I don't like any that break the flow. I don't mind nizau, the second boss RP is crap but the fact that you can get 30 stacks of that buff and one shot whole trash packs is awesome.

    Dislike stormstout the most though.

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