View Poll Results: Which level 90 would you blacklist from showing up in your random queues?

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  • Gate of the Setting Sun

    28 5.62%
  • Mogu'shan Palace

    9 1.81%
  • Scarlet Halls

    3 0.60%
  • Scarlet Monastery

    4 0.80%
  • Scholomance

    4 0.80%
  • Shado-Pan Monastery

    102 20.48%
  • Siege of Niuzao Temple

    210 42.17%
  • Stormstout Brewery

    42 8.43%
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent

    12 2.41%
  • I would not blacklist any of them!

    60 12.05%
  • I don't run dungeons!

    24 4.82%
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    Which 5-man dungeon would you have blacklisted?

    Originally Posted by @WatcherDev
    Thanks for the dungeon feedback and poll @MMOChampion - will hotfix enable the "send next wave" gong on Niuzao Heroic, to speed up Vo'jak.

    An interesting Tweet just popped up on @WatcherDev's feed:
    Originally Posted by @WatcherDev
    There needs to be a feature to be able to blacklist 1-2 random dungeons just like blacklisting random bg's
    Which ones would you blacklist?
    So, if you could blacklist level 90 dungeons like BGs — would you? Which ones?

    Reply in the thread if you'd blacklist multiple, but for the Poll, assume you can only blacklist one.
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    Nothing really.

    Even if this back when everyone was leveling/gearing up at the start of the expansion.

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    None of em, they are all easy to mow down now and take less than 10 minutes to clear.

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    I wouldn't any. There are some boring encounters throughout, but nothing that I would blacklist one for and further decrease variety.

    It's not quite like BGs where there is clear incentive to block certain maps that your faction doesn't win as often.

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    The only one I would blacklist is Stormstout, because I find it incredibly annoying and it reminds me of WOTLK's Oculus where I spent most of the dungeon drifting from one gimmick to another, and not really playing my class or the game. That stuff's fun during questing but not when I queue up to tank/heal actual group content.

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    Shado-Pan Monastery if this was available in like 5.0.
    Now, nothing except maybe if I don't feel like doing one that day if I happen to do a dungeon.

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    Stormstout Brewery & the one where you have to find that boss which moves from the beginning to the end of the bridge and spams wind at you. They are so damn boring.

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    Shado pan monastery mainly cause of the fucking annoying trash with siege as the other one

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    Shado-Pan Monastery or Temple of the Jade Serpent both are rather lame to do. Shado-Pan Monastery is annoying with the apprentice room and the area before that room that bombards you with freezing arrows, very unnecessary and boring. Temple of the Jade Serpent has so bad of a layout that it has to grant you a 70% run speed increase from boss 1 to boss 2 for you to forgive it, no thanks I'll pass on that. Also, what's the reasoning behind making mechanics for 2 different encounters for one of the 2 first bosses if you'll only get the yaungol one every time anyways, waste of development effort. And what's the deal with locking the Jinyu boss behind 4 waves of adds? Artificially prolonging the gaming experience I tell you, very lame and not fun to deal with

    Siege of Niuzao temple is lame too, but mainly only for the second boss so it's not as bad as the previous two
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    none id rather have a larger bg blacklist

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    None really.

    However that doesn't mean they aren't boring, all of them are.

    Niuzao is exceptionally boring.

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    Gate of the Setting Sun. Something about it's layout and the elevators and the bugs... meh. Don't care for it.

    Siege of Nuizao and Shado-Pan Monastery suck as well, but mostly due to RP sections (Siege 2nd boss, Monk student room in Shado-Pan) and length.

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    I would blacklist every re-hashed dungeon and every dungeon with 5+ minutes of uninterruptible RP. The SM/SH redesigns were actually well done, but they're still boring dungeons I've seen a hundred times. And sitting through the "blah blah blah" in SNT or SPM drives me batty. I've heard about how screwed we are to be I the middle of a mantid army way too many times and I already know the outcome. Just stop talking. Please.

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    So far the following features seem to be the worst for people:
    • Unskippable, repetitive RP
    • Convoluted and unintuitive layouts
    • Long, slow, time-wasting mechanics or pathways with lots of non-combat delays or boring/bland fight chains (Waterspeaker)

    Dungeons which are "boring", but quick, to-the-point, and keep you fighting either trash or bosses basically the whole time seem to be faring a lot better in the poll.

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    siege of niuzao temple. the rp during the 2nd boss is fun for the first few times, but after that it starts to get kinda dull. if i could choose a second, it would be gate of the setting sun. the smoke bombs that the mobs throw down are just an annoying mechanic.

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    Siege, Gate, and Brewery.

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    Occulus. Please. The Occulus! Even though its two expansions ago.

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    Siege of Niuzao Temple because of the second boss.

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    It would be nice to blacklist while leveling to prevent randomly getting the same dungeon over and over. I would just blacklist whichever ones I had already done to increase variety. After I had done them all once, I wouldn't blacklist any (in fact I'd prob go quest), cept maybe the dungeons with lower level req relative to mine, as the exp can get rly bad depending on the level difference, even tho it remains in ur random que.

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    Assuming it's the start of the expansion and nobody has 463s, then Stormstout and Shado-Pan assuming I also don't need the gear. The only reason to blacklist is no fun, or it's too long for the VP. If you need gear, you shouldn't blacklist until you have all you need.
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