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    Bigger PVP upgrade? Helm or Trinket?

    got my Prideful weapon and have enough points for another piece.

    Should I get the helm or the on-use trinket? I already have the passive use trinket, so wondering which would be the bigger upgrade?

    Basically it's 500 PVP power and an extra 1100 str on the proc, versus 400 str, 100 PVP power, 500 stam, 200 mastery, 50 crit (reforged from expertise which is useless since I'm over 6%) and some armor.

    i'm thinking the trinket?
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    No clue what items you've got. But I would grab the chest piece before them helm

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    Personally since my bonus rolls like to give me 4 fucking PvE glove tokens even though I have Heroic Gloves... I went for 2 trinkets, then waited and got the Wep the following week

    Being Human, taking the maximum advantage of my double dps trinket <3

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