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    Account-Wide Achievement Points

    I haven't been able to find any reliable information on this and definitely haven't seen any blue posts.......

    Blizzard implemented account wide Achievement points that are able to be viewed when comparing achievements and when viewing the Armory. Is there a plan to allow them to be viewed in the Guild Roster in-game?

    Most people farm achievements for a few reasons. It's fun to see how many you can accumulate and it's also a fun competition/bragging rights to your buddies. WoW has become very Alt heavy and some people probably play their "main" for the simple fact they have the most achievement points. I don't see why the guild Roster in game won't just post the account wide points.

    Does anyone have any info on if they ever plan on implementing this? Every patch I keep my fingers crossed but so far......nothing.

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    Most people have a lot of alts in the same guild, which would make the list a little weird with recurring numbers everywhere. Of course they could merge alts when looking at Achievement Points and just show one character.

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