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    [Personal view] So, could WoW go free to play after the next expansion?

    So first of all I'm not a troll. I've always thought WoW going free to play wouldn't happen anytime soon. But if you think about it, it's going to look like maybe they are working towards that point. Blizzard isn't crazy, and they know they can't keep charging this kind of money for a more then 10 year old game forever. If you look at their newest games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm it's clear they are aiming for a payment model that is free, but with optional microtransactions.

    We know with their current ingame shop Blizzard is obviously trying out something, probably how much money they can generate through such a sytem. With one of the selling points of the next expansion, the garrisons, Blizzard will have another excuse to sell lots of cosmetic items. And that's not crazy if you think about it, people who love their garrison will immediately buy awesome stuff for their new home.

    So if you think about, it's not a matter about if, but when we'll start seeing WoW going free to play. Will it be after WoD? Or maybe after the expansion after the expansion of WoD? Or will it never happen? Now I think about it I included a poll to see what you guys think. I myself think 2 expansions after WoD has to be their moment to change with payment model.

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    I don't think that will be the case, I think that they reached their limit with the ability to buy a level 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScourgeSlayer View Post
    I don't think that will be the case, I think that they reached their limit with the ability to buy a level 90.
    Don't you think they will do anything with the garrisons? I'm almost a 100% sure they will.

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    Not for a while, Blizz still has the burning legion xpac which will bring plenty of people back.
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    Garrisons would probably be nothing more than cosmetic microtransation.

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    I don't think there is a need for them to go FTP. Maybe if they lose a lot of players, but that is unlikely in the next couple expansions.

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    Warcraft is not going free to play long as they have subscribers in the millions, there's pretty much nothing else to say about it.

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    It will go F2P when it's more profitable than their current model.

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    I think it's gonna go f2p after it falls down to like 1-2mil subs or less.
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    I don't think it will go F2P in the sense you think. I do think there's a good chance it will go B2P for the Battle Chest with no sub fee and stay the same requiring expansion purchase and monthly sub for the current expansion. No idea when they would do that though. Probably not next expansion although we may see the 'trial' expanded well beyond level 20 soon or the trial version go away entirely and just move to the Battle Chest. But the whole game going F2P. Nope, don't see it. I wouldn't count on Blizzard to necessarily do what everyone else does in this case.
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    I would assume that they'll let WoW be F2P when they decide to stop producing new content and provide support. They'll give people a year to stop being addicted and move to a new game, preferably whatever new rpg they decide to develop that's at least how I'd do it, not that anyone's asking me.
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    Even with current sub base which is 7 million? or more. that is 105 million dollars a month off game subs alone. And that is with end of expac numbers. It will get a boost as always with a new expac. This also doesn't include store items such as character boosts, character transfers, mounts/pets and game sales from new players. I just don't seem them flipping a switch to free to play that will make them 100+ million a month any time soon. I honestly dont ever forsee this game going f2p as well. It may get a smaller and smaller production team up to the point the decide to shut the servers down.

    Because at the point of where they are able to make more money off f2p then sub based is the point where the game may not be worth hosting or its on its dying breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScourgeSlayer View Post
    Garrisons would probably be nothing more than cosmetic microtransation.
    That's a line that shouldn't be crossed

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    Funny how some people think wow won't go F2P if subs drop below 1 mil. It's inevitable, just not anytime soon!

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    WoW won't be going F2P for a long time, it's still a huge money maker for Blizzard.

    Too bad your poll is full of bias, and not enough options, so won't be voting in that.
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    Why go f2p when you can do both?

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    I think they will wait until they have no choice whatsoever. Why go F2P when people are still willing to pay subs + microtransactions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Inside View Post
    I think it's gonna go f2p after it falls down to like 1-2mil subs or less.
    ^This, and it won't happend for a few years.

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    WoW at the MINIMUM has 2 xpacs left including wod before going ftp. It may last another 10 years before going ftp. Who knows. Id imagine we have about 6 years left before ftp hits. Then 3-5 years of that at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bathory View Post
    Not for a while, Blizz still has the burning legion xpac which will bring plenty of people back.
    I wouldn't count on the burning legion expansion when they still have orcs. Wouldn't be surprised if they made 7 more expansions each about the warlords.

    And as to free to play, never. I could see them raising the subscription fee before going free. And feel the former is highly likely at this point.

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