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    Raid lockout question

    At the moment my guild is extending our heroic ID every week to kill paragons and then garrosh. Someone is looking for a normal Garrosh kill and I don't think it works but I figured I'd check here too. Can one player from our main team hold the lockout and everyone else kills normal Garrosh, then the player holding the lockout (who wasn't in for Garrosh can extend it next week to get back to Paragons)? I didn't think it'd work since heroic modes have IDs and aren't flexible but I wasn't too sure on the rules once the raid had been changed to normal mode. Am I right in thinking that as soon as you kill one heroic boss then it's stuck as a heroic ID no matter what?

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    You can't kill N Garrosh then pick up the H lockout for progression that week, obviously. It will work outside of that, though.

    Heroic only locks you to that ID for Heroic. You can do anything you want on Normal.

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    The Heroic IDs are separate from Normal. My guil can kill through Spoils on Heroic and then individually pug the rest on normal with no problems, while someone holds our Spoils H kill lock so we can work on H Thok the next Tuesday. None of us can do other Heroic modes if we want to use our Heroic lock. Is that what you're asking?

    You can:
    Kill Heroic Blackfuse and have a Heroic lock -> pug normal Paragons and Garrosh -> start the next raid week with that H Blackfuse lock from a guildie who did not pug

    You cannot:
    Kill Heroic Blackfuse and have a Heroic lock -> pug normal Paragons and Garrosh -> kill any Heroic bosses next raid week -> jump to H Blackfuse kill lock from the previous week
    Kill Heroic

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    Yeah sorry, my wording is a bit dumb. Basically just wanted to step out after Paragons and let the rest of the group kill Garrosh on normal and then extend next week to get back onto heroic Paragons progress. By the sounds of things I can do that just fine.

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    can i within the same raid_reset

    kill general on 25 hc Wednesday
    then split raid into 2x 10 man normal Thursday, and clear
    then get together sunday for 25 hc progress on malkorok ?

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    No, you can't kill a boss more than once per week on normal+heroic mode.
    If you clear on normal you won't be able to continue on heroic. You can extend the general lockout for next week though.

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    you can also attempt paragons/garrosh, whatever you are working on. then when you are about to be done with raiding for this week, make one guy relog an alt that he doesn't raid with. summon him in. accept the raid lockout on it. hearthstone out of the isntance, leave the raid.
    make the guy relog his main. change difficulty to normal. kill paragons/garrosh on normal. next week log that alt. extend raid ID, zone him into SoO. make someone else join his raid, zone in, accept his ID. make that guy leader, rest of the raid joins, keep working on paraogns/garrosh heroic and repeat as many times as you want. that alt will keep your progress ID and can infinitely extend it as long as you only kill bosses on normal.

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