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    I understand what the OP is saying, but I disagree that the 90 boosting has made it any worse.
    LFR was already bad to begin with. Yes boosted 90s may go in ungemmed/unenchanted and not know the fights, but it was like that before there were boosted 90s.
    I do agree that more should be done regarding AFKers/people that don't care.
    To the extent that LFR has become more tedious since "boost day," I would point the finger at a contingent of experienced but bored assholes who enjoy zoning into LFR to pull Maegara for an hour or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    whether its true or not we should see in WoD - i personally cant wait for the tears of all those "pros" who depend on overgearing and bruteforcing through current HC and future Mythic mechanics - just cant wait for the tears and QQ "omg blizz nurf nurf cause we cant bruteforce with shiny gear cause it doesnt quadruple our dps each tier"

    it really doesnt show anything expet for how terribly fucked up was the initial difficulty of it even with all the hc raiders saying how easy it was if they felt they need to nerf 1 boss 5 times - notice that they didnt even touch any other lfr bosses exept for horridon this time there must be a reason for it even with all this crying from freshly boosted 90 .

    and on the side note - dont tell me shit its the casual players with the bossted 90 - causals dont buy frikin pre purchased shit when there is not even a clue when the premiere of game will be - most of those who bought it are the super nerdy types not the casual ones. - it might have been causals if blizzard set prices to buy it now get 50 % discount not when they upped the price by 10 $ in comparison to previous ones - i just dont buy it that its the casuals with htose boosted 90 - its the frikin self entitled childish people who always were scremaing "retards" everywhere they could in lfr while afk alt tab cause they run 10 alts weekly through it therefore they ont give rats ass as long as they are carried.

    The reason (imo) they nerfed Horridon adds once again, is cause most people just ignore them and then at the end, they overrun the raid and cause a wipe. Healers aren't dispelling, so the debuffs are rolling on the entire raid, then comes Frozen orbs, Sand traps and the mighty War God who stomps on the tanks. You actually need some strong healers to heal through that shit and you rarely have healers who can do more than 60k hps.

    With the boosted 90's I believe there's been a rise in the amount of crap geared players in ToT LFR. You'd usually see a lot of SoO Flex/Normal/Heroic geared players hunting Secrets and Runestones and these players would carry the group. But with more crap geared players - many of them on a boosted 90 they have no clue on how to play - stuff like adds on Horridon just won't be killed fast enough - if at all.

    Don't pretend like LFR Horridon adds needed a 5th nerf, cause that's just ridiculous. It's a L2P issue that Blizz can only counter by nerfing. And yes, I'm one of those Heroic raiders who killed Heroic Horridon pre-nerf and the only hard part was your setup as a 10 man group (you needed the right mix of classes to dispel).
    People who struggled, QQ'ed about it being too hard etc. are most likely the same people who're still struggling on Heroic Galakras by now.

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