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    Klaxxi question

    How do you get Apothecary: Volatile poultice to do anything??? I have been killing heroic for months and i still can't make it work

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    For 10 seconds all healing done on the target will leave a stacking buff. After 10 seconds the buff becomes like a 1 charge Earth shield from the shamans that will more than likely a huge chunk of life.

    The problem is building up the shield is essentially topping the person off. What you are looking for is a person who you know will be taking a large chunk of damage in 10 seconds. You need to time this so that no small aoe damage hits them before the big damage happens. I haven't done heroic but it's the buff i'm assigned on regular and I have yet to get any practical use of it.

    Good if a tank is taking some constant big damage, pretty much means a heal to full after 10 seconds. If there is a mechanic on heroic where a known dps is soaking a big hit you could use it effectively then.
    Is this where the header goes?

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    I think maybe it was intended as a counter to mutilate? I don't know, but obviously unimportant now.

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