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    Come back now or wait for WoD?

    So, I took a break from the game for a number of months and am now thinking about coming back. I'm going to assume that PvE for me is out of the question as my characters are woefully undergeared and Siege of Org is probably old news by now. Sure, LFR is there, but meh. I'm not that motivated to raid anyway.

    How is the PvP these days? That's one part of the game I never really participated in (apart from a BG here or there) so it'd be something new for me. One thing I'm worried about though is all of the legendary cloaks and gems. Do those work in PvP? Do they proc their special effects? I know that PvE gear is scaled down but I have no idea what happens with the procs. I know that Blizzard did a lot of work with making PvP gear preferred in PvP but I still don't want to be at a severe disadvantage because of my lack of interest in PvE content. That was a turn off for me in the past.

    Apart from PvP, what else is there to do? My main is a resto druid. I have a bunch of fresh 90s and I'm thinking about boosting my mage to 90 but other than that I have no interest in more alts. That used to be a big part of the game for me, but not anymore.

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    I would honestly wait. There is a lot of stuff for you to do for sure (you could also do Flex for PvE) but at this point it's almost better to save your money. But it's really up to you. There's a lot of stuff to explore on Pandaria and a lot of lore... But it's more of a persona decision

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    Both resto and mage are currently fotm. If you want to pvp just do it now, god knows what they will produce with WoD and their skill removal. Might be the last season before pvp totally crash and burns.

    Regarding pve : you could still do challenge modes, last chance to get the sets before wod prepatch. Gear Downscaling means you dont need any current gear for it anyway. Finding people who are good enough wont be easy though, i would say that will be the actual challenge.

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    Its really up to you. I came back in December and once you get past the drudge of LFR raiding is pretty fun. I do a lot of achievements on the side and I am trying to prep/finish what I need to before WoD comes out. Just my food for thought.

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