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This was the first expansion I ever played destro. I played a lock for oh 5-6 years before the swap and it is/was the most difficult spec for me to get used to. Why? I had never played it.

Then to get tossed into green fire as your first quest/event is just brutal.

I don't know if I could do it now at 557, something tells me I'd wreck it but after having done it at 490-ish the memories are so painful I'd rather even not go back. Some of the methods I used then aren't usable now like the portal "can't target me" debfuff/buff.
The fight rapidly becomes a joke, I just recently took my 3rd lock through at 530 and I 2 shot it. Would have been a 1 shot but I didn't heal myself up and took a CB to the face. I didn't even do much setup, just put my portal around a corner for CB LoS and told the pitlord to go screw off in the back of the room while I took out the felhunters, killed him shortly after the first doomguard was summoned.