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    Should I come back ?

    Hello Everyone,

    I've stopped playing the game 5 month ago.

    Should I come back ? The game is still fun and worth the investement ?

    Thx !

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    “Winter is here”

    K, Thx!

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    I think it's fun, but there's going to be a long stretch until the expansion; you're likely to run out of things to do real fast. You may want to hold off until we at least get a WoD release date and resub a couple months before that.
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    Try out siege of orgrimmar. Great raid. I think patch 5.4 was one of the best WoW patches in a while.

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    We can't tell you if the game is fun for you and these threads always end up with both sides of the divide bashing each other. If you're really interested in coming back you have a few options:

    - You can pay for a sub again and play the game (and quit if you want)
    - Get a new starter account
    - Contact Blizzard and ask for a free day to try the game out

    In the end, it's your choice whether or not it is fun for you.

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