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    You're still better off gambling for burdens. I've found that if I go to the chests with 50k and spend all the coins on keys I usually get 2-3 burdens, plus tons of other tokens I can send to an alt to DE or use.

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    It takes ages to get 50k coins, unless you are so overgeared that you don't need burdens anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weightlifter View Post
    It takes ages to get 50k coins, unless you are so overgeared that you don't need burdens anymore.
    It depends. If you're trying to just grind it out in 1 day.... Then ya, it'll take awhile. But if you kill the "big" rares (ever maw, ship, etc) once a day and do the weekly and daily, it's not so bad.

    Its likely better, if you want to grind, to grind dungeons to convert to honor to buy the 522 gear than try to grind Burdens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonath View Post
    You get one free Burden per toon, you have to open a special chest up near ordos....
    And another Burden from killing Archie after you reach honored with the emperor.
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    I have one Burden accumulating dust in my bank because I have no use for it now and it's soulbound. Makes me mad everytime I see it but I can't bring myself to sell it/delete it. I would think Gulp Frogs are the way to go, just be careful with them. I don't know what server you're in but coin farmers can be a pain if you're grinding frogs for coins/Burdens.

    Good luck on your hunt.

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