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    Your Shift-Form Keybinds?

    Just a curious thread, how do each of you bind your shift forms?

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    Bear Cat Travel Flight

    Not the most effective binds but they are (quite literally) where I've always had them bound.

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    q - bear
    e - cat
    r - travel

    had them like this since vanilla... dont really have to use them infight too often nowadays, so kinda wasted some "good" keys.. but its just the habit ^^
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    Z for cat form when feral. That's it. If I pvp'd at all, I'd have at least travel form bound when I do resto, but I don't so I CBA.
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    Moonkin - Shift+MWD
    Travel - Shift+MWU
    Flight - Shift+W

    I rarely need to shift into any other forms, if I do, there are abilities which trigger the form, which would be the only reason I'd probably ever shift into them anyway. (Dash, etc)
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    Cat - Ctrl + 1
    Bear - Ctrl + 2
    Travel - Mouse Wheel Up
    Flight - Shift + 2

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    Shift 1 = Bear
    Shift 2 = Cat
    Shift 3 = Travel
    Shift 4 = (Moonkin or flight form)


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    /cancelform [stance:5]
    /cast [mod:shift]Cat Form; [mod:ctrl] !Travel Form;[nostance:1] !Bear Form; [stance:1] Enrage
    /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form
    /cast [flyable,nocombat]Swift Flight Form; [combat]Travel Form
    /cast [noflyable][mod:shift] Flametalon of Alysrazor
    /script VehicleExit()
    /cancelaura herbouflage
    /cancelaura Treant Form
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    powershift in all binds

    v - travel form
    b - cat form
    Shift + b - bear form
    mouse button cancelform ( im resto druid)

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    Z - Form of whatever spec I'm playing (Moonkin for Balance, Cat for Feral, Bear for Guardian, etc)
    Shift + Mwheelup - Flight form
    Shift + Mwheeldown - Travel form
    Shift + Middle mouse button - Bear Form
    Shift + Left Click - Cat Form

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    Mouse wheel up: Cat form
    Mouse wheel down: Bear form
    Mouse wheel pressed: [swimmable] Aquatic Form, [Flyable, no combat] Flight form, [combat] travel form

    Shift Mouse wheel pressed: Cyclone
    Shift Mouse wheel up: Nature's Grasp
    Shift Mouse wheel down: Entangling Roots.

    FYI, I quit a few expansions back so things would probably change now. And have a normal slot on the bar for power shifting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fugus View Post
    Mouse wheel up: Cat form
    Mouse wheel down: Bear form
    Mouse wheel pressed: [swimmable] Aquatic Form, [Flyable, no combat] Flight form, [combat] travel form
    This !

    + shift wheel for tree and doomkin forms (if needed)

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    Elemental Lord Rixis's Avatar
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    T for cat form, G for bear

    Both have cancelform macros (for quick root dumps so I can cat to cat form instantly etc)

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    Field Marshal Nika-'s Avatar
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    G - Cat form
    S - Moonkin form
    Shift + S - Travel form
    Ctrl + S - Aquatic form
    Shift + R - Bear form
    Naga 12 - Flight form

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    I use control + 7,8,9,0,-,= for forms (Treant/Boomkin; Cat; Bear; Travel; Aquatic; Flight respectively). It may seem odd but I play on a crapTop and trackpad (though this has never caused me issues for my purposes) and keybinds most find odd work well for me. Utility abilities are all shift-bound somewhere and do not change regarding form. In Cat/Bear, my healing binds (bar an emergency heal button if I need to switch out right now) become cat/bear binds. Incarnation is bound to shift + 3 for boomkin and control + 3 for resto.

    I don't always use these binds to get into form though. For example, in a desperate situation, I'll probably end up in bear due to having used might of ursoc, but where I've used that, I'm probably in a situation where I'm about to start mangle-frenzied regen spamming anyway. If I'm in cat form, I've probably just used dash or displacer beast.

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    I don't use aquatic often enough to bother binding it

    My shapeshift binds are the only ones aside from F for shred/shift+F for faerie fire, everything else is 1-6 and the 12 buttons+modifiers on my mouse

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    ctrl+Q - Cat form
    alt+Q - Bear form
    shift+Q - Aquatic form

    Unmodified Q used to actually do something (treeform), but at the moment it doesn't (as I needed the glyph slot). Which I guess is rather silly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raysere View Post

    Bear Cat Travel Flight

    Not the most effective binds but they are (quite literally) where I've always had them bound.
    Same, except with Cat and Bear reversed.
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    Boomkin- f3 cat - f1 flight form - f2 bear - f4

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    Alt + 1 = Bear
    Alt + 2 = Tree/moonkin
    Alt + 3 = Cat
    Alt + 4 = Travel
    Alt + 5 = Flight

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