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    For some time now, Details! has been reporting the Dungeon Overall Segment different from the Overall Data. I noticed the Dungeon Overall Segment created at the end of the run has been missing a lot of trash.

    On the left it's the Overall Segment, on the right Dungeon Overall Segment.
    Is it an option? What is causing this?

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    Update Details! to the latest alpha version, everything should be fine.

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    Not sure if it is proper to put this here or make it's own thread so I'll move this if inappropriate.

    Anyway, my explosive orb tracking hasn't worked for some time now and I can't figure out why. Both Explosive Orbs and Dynamic Explosive Orbs categories -- I'm honestly not sure the difference between them -- are just perpetually blank. I thought the plugin was just broken due to a few similar comments on the curseforge page, but then I found out today that it is working for other people.

    It's not generating any errors so I'm not sure how to troubleshoot, but I'd definitely like to get this working.

    Details is fully updated on the latest version and I did reinstall the plugin itself but it still isn't generating data. (if helpful, it will show Explosives on my Damage Done Targets list but that's not really as helpful as the list of hits/damage of the team that used to show on the Explosives tab itself)

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