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    Doctor theolen krastinov solo

    I've been soloing scholomance heroic for quite a while (got my 150th Rattlegore kill today) and Doctor theolen krastinov still didn't spawn. I know it's probably just bad rng but i'm starting to think he can only spawn when you que via dungeon finder. GM said that they are not allowed to tell me anything about it. Is there anyone here who can confirm that he saw the spawn by simply running in the instance instead of dungeon finder que? Thanks

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    I have only done that heroic maybe 5-6 times, all through LFD tool and he did spawn one time. Can someone here confirm that he spawned for them w/o the LFD tool. My guess, similar to the rare drops from the rare mobs on TI - I think Blizz went a little nutso crazy with the 1% drop chances on things this x-pac, including that doctor spawn. So think, ashes of alar or deathcharger reins type chances... but that's all speculation.
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    Quote from wowhead:

    I opened up a ticket and inquired about this as I've been running the heroic version solo every day for the past several months on my paladin and have yet to see him. The GM claimed he was just very rare, however, as long as you're entering heroic Scholomance he has a chance to replace one of the trash packs in the room following Rattlegore's death. So in essence, you wouldn't necessarily have to use the LFG tool to see him. report
    You just have to keep at it I think.
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    I have only seen him once, I think you just have to keep trying

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    I have run Scholomance about as many times as you and I have not seen the mob yet either. :/

    Also looking for someone to really confirm, who themselves has seen him in a non-lfd and not just read about it
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    I have it on 3 different alts just from doing random hcs


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sural View Post
    I have it on 3 different alts just from doing random hcs

    Same here. Feels like a 50/50 chance for him to spawn

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