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    How do I appeal a ban?

    It's not fair: I had created an account to be honest and i was new, but I suddenly wasn't able to login to my account after i posted as i got the message:
    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Ban evasion

    I was new I promise, honestly. I have no idea whether this was an assumption based on what I said or whether someone happens to live near me as I know about location tracing... but then i created several accounts afterwards to try to sneak back but i was just banned again and all my posts (on those accounts I used to circumvent the ban) were deleted.

    but why was i banned in the first place?
    i had never tried to circumvent any bans to begin with... but then i circumventing my ban by posting on another account cos i was accused of circumventing a ban LOL! _-_

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    btw i've pm'd the admin cos i'm not supposed to be posting, but then i only decided to post cos the admins aren't online and i need 10 posts to pm anyone else and obviously i can't post cos it's against the rules _-_

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    You appeal a ban by opening a thread in the ban appeal forum on your main account.
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