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    Sub forum for Wildstar

    The Wildstar megathread has reached 920 pages now with over 18k replies, having played the game I will guarantee that the thread will explode when the game is finally released and it will become impossible to keep up with. I know it is standard for mods and admins to watch a megathread and decide if a sub forum is warranted, but surely coming up to a thousand pages meets that criteria?

    The game is due to be released in June and the thread is only going to get busier as more people enter the early access weekends and the release date looms closer, already this thread is more popular than the DOTA, Heart of the storm, Final fantasy XIV and Minecraft sub forums, a Sub forum dedicated to it is pretty much needed at this stage.

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    I agree that game deserves its own subforum, looks very promising. I doubt its going to be as popular as TESO though, yet still popular enough to earn its own subforum.

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    As with any new game, we're always watching/evaluating whether it will get its own subforum. We aren't just completely ignoring these things (other games, too). Promise.

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