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    Quote Originally Posted by Izzwald View Post
    Hey there!
    This is my first post so I thought I'd try and start a discussion as I'm really interested in social issues within MMOs.
    Has anyone ever had a relationship in-game? Did you meet up with them? Did it work out?

    Yes. The only one I've had through an MMO. We have lived together about a year and a half now, and have dated long distance about 3 years prior with minimal visits.

    Its working out REALLY well and I couldn't see myself happier with anyone else.

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    Yes met someone in WoW. Yes I did go to see her and no it didn't work out (at least not long term). No hard feelings either side, neither of us thought it could actually work to begin with.
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    I had a thing with a girl during Wotlk, but the long distance quickly put an end to any hopes of actually starting a relationship with her, which is a shame since we got along really well and were attracted to another
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    Had it happen to me not too long ago, went well for about 9months and then she turned out to be an evil b*tch that only spent time with me to get over her own insecurities and low self-esteem, who then completely pushed me aside and began acting like I never meant anything to her let alone existed. Suffice to say, I don't let people in this game get too close to me anymore.
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