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    Hpally Challenge Modes questions

    Hey guys i want to start CMs on my hpally and have no idea how i should be gemming. Right now i am going the haste gear route because i hear its the best (even though i also hear that mastery gearing is up there, but i hear more people say go haste). I also read somewhere that a crit gear build wasnt half bad. Any thoughts on this? My main raid gear set is for mastery (solid mastery gems in yellows etc), would that gear set also work without re-gemming? I know what to expect from CMs even though i haven't healed any of them (have a some done on my warrior). Im not an Alch (Eng/BS) so would price of progress be good enough (since it was one of the better trinkets for us early in the xpac) or should i try and get the trinket out of ToES? Any other CM input would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    1. Are solid Int gems the way to go for all stat builds?
    2. Haste gear > Mastery gear?
    3. What trinkets? (maybe a list of options? )
    4. Anything else you'd like to add regarding cms.
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    I did CM with my raiding gear, i didnt even bother to change the cloak or the meta, i only changed the sha trinket for something else. CM is about burst healing and cd usage, holy avenger is a must, the double hand of sacrifice + glyph is also a must, you are going to use them in the bigs trash pulls because the boss dont hit hard, maybe the second boss in mogushan, considering that you are going to spam FoL most of the time you dont need a lot of haste.

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    Unless you're going for times, gear really isnt an issue to just get gold CMs. Its mainly just knowing your class and being able to react quickly or having prior knowledge of the pulls.

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    Im just asking because i want to make it as easy as possible for myself and my group. And if that means min/max'ing almost everything id be willing to do it.

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    I regem to pure int and pretty much that's all I change for CMs since I never bothered to put a BiS set together. I can see value in a haste build but I I doubt it's really necessary.
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    by build i really meant the type of 2nd stat a piece of gear has. and if regardless of what type of gear you go for should they all gem the same?

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