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    After two months of misery, farming the Sun Eater from heroic Mechanar in TBC days it kinda just stuck.

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    Oh i know the answer! Different strokes for different folks. /thread /10chars #boom #thiswasdumb

    Why this thread has so many pages is like.. Dumb founding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanta View Post
    What do you enjoy about PVE?
    I don't get tunnelled by Warriors in PvE.

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    Do you mean you hate LFR?

    Then sure I can 100% see that, don't tar all of PvE with the same brush though.

    We are only a normal raiding guild, and killing Garrosh was one of the most satisfying moments in my gaming times (and I have been gaming around 30 years!),

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    I love both

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    I read to the part where you mentioned LFR, and got to ask - is LFR the sole thing you place this opinion on? Because I never PvP, hate arena and BGs, but I do PvE and I love it, I actually only log in to do the raid of the week on my main and my two alts, and other than that I do some casual farming to keep up the gold (Like two hour each week, depends a bit on what I need for next week).
    And everytime I've made an alt (Got like 5 of them around 500-ilvl), I log in "Hey! Lets try to gear up my alt today! *Queue for LFR*", then I lose all faith in humanity, poke out my eyes with a spoon, yes spoon, and wait for next raid day, so I can enjoy actual PvE, and not that rubbish.
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    PvP is not the only part of the game, where you can find a trick, that really works.

    You measure your performance differently, even if you have the boss dead already, you can still become better and better. Trying to play as a DPS and trying to perform really optimally is a really big mountain to climb.

    And it ain't only you trying to become better. Every other raider in your group is (read: should) aswell.

    See at first glance it might not seem that different, if you are standing in red fire, get slapped by green goo or being attacked by flying unicorns, but in terms of delivering the best DPS you possibly can it is another story alltogether.

    But mostly I like playing with my fellow raiding buddies.

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    Lawl. U know PMS means pre-menstrual syndrome not post-menstrual.

    Also don't judge women like that. They give us coochie. + it's just rude. Bet u haven't yet huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jadedot View Post
    SNIP. You have the same idiots screaming at people to go to this, or go cap that. "STOP FIGHTING IN THE ROAD", "FIGHT ON THE FLAGS!", "CAP MINES" with the same lack of communication that you do in LFR.
    Not even comparable - it would be the same as RL screaming DO NOT STAND IN A FIRE. It's just stating the basics and it should be common knowledge and people calling it out should not be referred to as idiots. I do both PvP and PvE and I enjoy both. Granted I do lean towards PvP a bit more as sense of accomplishment is far greater (winning arena 1v2 after your mate died etc) for me.
    Yes, getting HC Thok down the first time was a thrill, but not as adrealine packed as coming up on top in PvP. Your mileage could obviously wary.

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    Because the enemies doesn't jump around you in circles like a bunny on crack. The only battleground i enjoy is AV and I pvped for quite a bit in Vanilla back when the sergeant rank gave a mount discount, never got any higher than sergeant though as i was busy getting to level 60 and leveling alts, I just enjoy the sense of teamwork when you finally overcome a boss that you have been progressing on for several raid sessions.

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    To be honest, I like it because it isn't PVP :
    -No competition (aside from DPS meter I guess)
    -Predictable enemies. I have some seriously shit coordination, and PVP, what with the actual human enemies kind of overwhelms me.

    However I'll admit I had some fun when I had to so some PVP for quests/holiday achievements. ...mostly because I'm a rogue. But still, wouldn't do it everyday.

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    Different strokes for different folks. Many of the friends i've made on WoW were from PvE content mostly, and even though I don't do it as much I did I still do it for the social aspect. I still make a friend every now and then, more so if they're someone from my realm

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    I find min-maxing fun and it's incredibly fun to get a boss fight down right. WoW is a PvE game in any case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanta View Post
    This is going to be a controversial post, but I have a confession to make:

    I hate pve.

    I mean, I really hate it.

    I don't understand why any one does it repeatedly.

    Normal experience in an LFR raid is this:

    1) Massive amounts of waiting around for tanks/healers.
    2) No tactics mentioned, or if they are they are communicated far too quickly.
    3) Actual fights often devolve into some kind of demented game of twister,
    "stand in the red stuff", "jump in the blue stuff, "move in and out of the green
    4) Group wipes on anything other than tank-and-spank.
    5) Post-menstrual healer (and I'm not talking about women here mainly) blames
    poor dps. Or the tank. Or any one but the post-menstrual healer.
    6) Some complete bastard wips out recount.
    7) Two things then happen as a result i) tank's feelings are hurt and he quits,
    more waiting ii) dps start focusing on their rotation and ignore tactics altogether
    so the recount nazi doesn't pick on them, group wipes again.

    OK, so as I'm sure the pve'rs will say, LFR sucks, which it does, massively. Join a
    good guild.

    Now, I can appreciate a good guild with a great raid leader would make for a more
    positive experience. But, that's like saying working in a bank is great if your co-workers
    are fun people. However, you do it, as the content becomes familiar through repetition
    it becomes a chore, as does anything. There is no possibility of deviation from your
    core tactics/rotation, and these things take hours.

    I usually complete new raids at least once. But, I can't understand how any one can do the
    same content again and again and again till autumn. Indeed, many don't, judging by
    the numbers that dropped off in dragon soul. Seriously, how do you raiders manage it?

    If you contrast this with PVP: every new BG is quite a different experience. There are infinite
    number of strategies and permutations depending on your own abilities and those of the
    teams. You can try something new every game and it feels great when you discover a new
    trick that really works.
    Yet, pvp is really an afterthought for Blizzard despite the fact it is competitive with PVE based
    on subscriber stats.

    Also, I really can't understand the lack of importance Blizzard place on questing. No one ever
    mentions this, but no one ever actually started wow at endgame content. Most of us had to
    level up for literally months, at least, pre-cata. We started by going out in the world, questing
    and world pvp. Yet it seems that the world, beautiful as it is, is essentially now just an introduction
    to pve content I don't want to do. Why isn't it an end in itself?

    You may say: OK, so don't pve and shut up. Which I'd be very happy to do. But, unfortunately at
    the moment you can't do world pvp without pve gear. The best pvp is actually world pvp, difficult
    as it is to get a world raid going. There is no better experience for a pvper than trying to kill garrosh
    in uninstanced Ogrimmar with fifty horde trying to stop us. So, you have no real choice if you want
    to do that than grind through raids.
    Your first problem is thinking regular PVE is like LFR. Random BGs is a lot like the LFR version of pvp.

    They key to having fun while raiding is a great guild community. If your guild is full of shitty people (and i mean personalities, not skill level) then raiding constantly will feel more and more like a chore and not be fun at all. If you enjoy spending time with the guild, raiding will always be fun. Only time stuff gets boring is end of expansion farming (but that's true with every kind of guild).

    Personally i always enjoy min-maxing different characters, and different specs, for raiding. 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    lfr is nothing like heroic raiding....

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanta View Post
    Normal experience in an LFR raid is this:
    Everyting after this statement is invalid because you are using LFR to classify all PvE. While LFR may be PvE, it is the lowest of the ghettos of PvE. It would be like going to a really bad neighbourhood and then complaining about the whole city based on that.

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