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    Looking suggestions/feedback on this red plate mog


    The inspiration for the set is primarily the pants, then the helm, then shoulders. The belt/gloves/boots have a few red options available. But it's the chest piece that's really giving me a hard time. I really like the look of the mail chest that I'd included in the set, but that just won't fly for transmog. I'm hoping you guys will have some suggestions and feed back on the set on the whole, primarily for the chest slot and alternative shirts/shoulders as well.

    The idea is with a few changes to helm/tabard/shield(/maybe shoulders) I can go from a Knight of Strom to a Scarlet Crusader or just one BA red plated captain.

    (let me know if that wowhead comparison link worked as I'm hoping. I haven't linked it before for others so I'm not sure if it'll work)

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    Awesome looking set with the Wrathfin armour - Kinda heartbreaking that it's mail...

    While Scarlet Crusade sets are a common sight, I'd personally go for that and then just go for the Darksoul Chest piece, it's original enough to stand out from them.
    This is the first time I've seen an awesome transmog that includes bloodscale helmet - Nice job :3

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