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    Exclamation TWP - Moonkin Roundtable #4

    Hello Chickens!

    On our last episode I announced that the Moonkin Roundtable is next up. It will be at 10am PST on Saturday March 29th. Unfortunately due to a RL emergency we may not be able to stream it, but it will definitely be recorded and posted immediately after for your listening pleasure. Who will be on the panel?

    • Arielle - Host and Moderator
    • Sameach - TWP's resident Moonkin and Co-Host.
    • Zoomkins - Moonkin with Blood Legion.
    • Cyous - Moonkin with Promethean.
    • Hamlet - Druid Trainer, Author of Wrathcalcs.
    • Hotted - Multi-Gladiator Boomkin and YouTuber.
    • Supatease - Multi-Gladiator Boomkin.

    As before we will talk about the current state of Moonkin Druids, what the panelists would like to see changed, talents, glyphs, and tactics to use in both PvP and PvE. Since we're at the tail end of an expansion, this particular roundtable will be directed more towards Warlords. As always we'll close with an open Q&A session with questions submitted by the community.

    Do you have a question you'd like to have the panelists discuss on the show? Post it below!

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    Is there any change you would like to see changed to eclipse if so any ideas?
    I would like eclipse state more controlled and more meaningfull than it is now atm it feels like you just want to jump between solar and lunar as quick as possible.

    Now we have tried to very different kinds of playstyles, in cata we had no real cd's other than starfall but we had really strong sustain damage with a lot of damage comming from dots and now in Mist we are a very CD oriented spec and our focus is on our heavy nuke Starsurge. which playstyle did you prefer?

    If you could change how our AOE works what would you change? (Hurricane)

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    What do people believe will get cut from our abilities? Since most abilities going away are excess CDs and Moonkins only have 1 baseline, do they expect changes on the talented CDs?

    What would you like to see added as new abilities or changed on current ones?

    What ashll said :P

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    Some questions for Zoomkins and Cyous:

    1. With the removal of raid CDs from non-healers and making Symbiosis strictly defensive, do you think moonkin utility is still in a good spot for mythic raiding?
    2. Did you like how moonkin movement dps was so impacted by gear this expansion and do you think that will be repeated next xpac? Ie: at the beginning of the xpac = low SS procs which equaled low movement dps but later in the expansion moonkins were flooded with SS procs making movement less of an issue
    3. Do you think that making Starfire and Wrath have equal cast times and equal energy gain would be a good step towards simplifying the rotation?
    4. Do you think that Celestial Alignment is still a good spell or should we just get rid of it and roll it into another dps CD (or make it part of the rotation like NG?) to reduce button bloat
    5. Would you like to see Astral Communion castable while moving (like the pvp set bonus)
    6. Any thoughts about how the level 100 talents for balance could be change to promote more thoughtful gameplay? Two of the talents are basically passives: Substituting Sunfall for Starfall or giving you 100% Eclipse uptime - neither inject any interesting gameplay into the spec. The only possibly interesting talent: speed up your Moonfire and Sunfire ticks seems like it will either be a) Broken or b) terribly underpowered with no middle-ground.
    7. At the beginning of MoP the moonkin rotation felt extremely slow and unforgiving while at the end it felt fluid (well maybe too SS spammy). Any thoughts about how to make it more consistently fluid (maybe boost the Nature's Grace haste bonus so that it makes a bigger difference in the early expansion but less in the later expansion?)


    Ante Meridiem (US-Stormrage)

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    How many boomkins is going to be optimal per 20-man grp? Will boomkins always have a raidspot or are you prepared to switch classes? If yes/no, then why?
    / Gelios @ Kazzak EU

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    PvE: How do you value Starsurge procs in terms of your spell priorities? Some people religiously fire it off ASAP to avoid proc wastage whereas others will often prioritize other spells over it to get more value out of their Eclipse state.

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    Similar to Glurp question but about DoT strength. How do you value DoT snapshoting against eclipse rotation ?

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    What do you think to the idea of instead of Astral communion being channel-able without a cd. It get a minor change to 'Instantly puts you into the next eclipse state' but with a 30second cooldown or something? With the lv 100 talent making eclipse uptime 100% it'll be less noticable but would simplify the rotation slightly allowing for the solar=aoe lunar = st theme.

    Would love cata mushrooms back, even miss typhoon as a dps ability with the choice to glyph the knockback out. Open to other suggestions about our lackluster aoe. Currently on fights like immerseus, garrosh, or even hc siegecrafter I feel I may aswell just afk 'cause I can't get even close to the likes of ele, or SP or warlocks, their shock bang - and even sustained AOE makes ours look like a joke tbh.

    I just feel even now, flooded in SS procs its less fun than it was in Cata. Getting so many SS procs doesn't feel rewarding any more, it feels like we're wasting too many, rather than having too much if that makes sense. Again with the option of 100% eclipse up-time that will increase the value of mastery, and perhaps see us reforging to:
    hit/exp > haste to highest cap > crit/mastery Do you think this will stop us running into the same thing in WOD, is the end of that expansion too far away to even matter or do you think something else needs to be tweaked?

    Are you excited to play boomkin atm, or underwhelmed now we're at the end of the tier and warlocks and SP are untouchable. Do you look forward to progression next tier (I find thats where boomkins shine the most) or are you deciding what to re-roll in wake of the pre-wod patch notes?

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    I love my moonkin and ill play it even if its nerfed into the ground....Anyway i agree with Xtramuscle about the SS procs being wasted I feel like I am wasting a big chunk of dps I am using Miks scrolling battle text and Ive seen SS proc like 4 times while I am trying to shoot them :<

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    Maybe a little late to the party but here is a good post about SS wasteage: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic...8#entry2272792

    I see many people going up to 14000-15000 crit rating while this guy explains why 12000 is optimal and the extra crit should be reforged into mastery

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