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    Cross-realm grouping and the necessary sizes

    So I'm in a world pvp guild. A guild easily able to build 1-2 full raids of world pvp'ers to attack places. In the past we were able to phase to other realms for world pvp (We play on Sylvanas EU) just for a small change of pace and to spread our name by physically attacking other realms.

    However, this seems to have changed. In the past you needed only like 1-3 people to phase you over to another realm. Now at any given time that we get more players from Sylvanas into the raid than on the 'destination realm', we get phased back, and we have absolutely no means of fixing it without filling 2-4 full raids to fit all of our members into it, which is practically impossible to ask of the players from a destination realm to gather together just for our fun.

    In the past (After our issue started to occur) we've seen other guilds able to phase over to our server, russians to be more specific, bringing 2-3 full raids sometimes, without having to have a multitude of players from our realm supporting them over there (Most I've seen being about.. 7-13 people to help them over)

    Is this a change that has been made, and when was that made? Or are we suffering a bug? Is it because of the size / balance of the destination realm? Yesterday we tried to phase to Defias Brotherhood and instantly got phased back to Sylvanas as soon as we filled our raid with more than 10 of our members since that was about the number of Defias Brotherhood players we had aiding us.

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    it always been like this more player from 1 realm you ported there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zstr View Post
    it always been like this more player from 1 realm you ported there
    Then I don't get how we've managed in the past to bring 40 people to Outland for example with only 1 Outland player?

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