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    You're forgetting the conquest from victories, gear fill-ins from celestials, and potential epics to fill in the gaps. Going into BGs with a PvP weapon and trinket with LFR or Flex gear filling in the other slots isn't the worst thing in the world.
    Especially since a large portion of the PvP power is on the weapon/offhand/trinkets.
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    Doing BGs is the worst way to grind for honor gear, it is far more efficient to run heroic dungeons and get pvp gear by changing your JP to Honor.

    What are random bgs even for these days ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepinch View Post
    Do the pvp dailies out on the thunder isle ( 10 mins of work yields about 600 + Honor and 50 Con )
    All those months, I totally forgot about the possibility of farming honor on IoT

    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepinch View Post
    Karasang Wilds Rares ( 300 Honor for First Kill of the Day )
    Hope this Helps Someone Cheers
    And I never knew you get honor for killing these! (I assume you meant only the faction-rares?)

    So thanks for that this just might get me motivated again to gear up another character for PvP

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    And I never knew you get honor for killing these! (I assume you meant only the faction-rares?)
    Yep, it's the faction rares. But it's only the first kill of the day that counts.

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    Undergeared players don't have to be useless. A decent player finds ways to make them self useful by focusing on CC/utility. Unfortunately though, not many people do this... at all...

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