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    Your experience on your class as a healer?

    I've really only played dps classes, the last time I had a healer that I played seriously was Burning Crusade. Obviously the game has changed a ton since then.

    I'm just looking for experiences and how each healer plays to see if it might help me choose. Mainly be a PvE healer I think, but I do enjoy PvP as well. Druid/Priest kind of stick out as having cool mechanics? But I don't really know. Any insight you can offer would be great!

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    Healers use the same healing styles with different spells, for the most part. In today's environment, where time is a resource rather than mana, most healers will spam and blanket as much as their class is capable. A result is that everyone is doing ridiculous overhealing, and this is why things like solo healing heroic bosses is not only viable but optimal in some cases.

    Disc blankets with DA
    Paladins blanket with EF and IH
    Druids blanket with HoTs
    Shamans with lots of smart healing

    And so on. Of course, there's some variance. Holy priests, for example, are not designed around smart healing and are very mana exhaustive. Generally though, pick a theme you like and play that class. Everyone plays the same.

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