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    Mangel Trash?


    im a bit confused atm so i want to reassure myself about our feral rotation. These days we should be mainly using mangel instead of shred as our cp generator. Using shred only when we have like berserk or hero or clear cast proc, is that correct?
    About trash, even though there is only a singel tartget we should still keep trash up in our rotation meaning we are using it normally 3 sec before it falls off, not just on clear cast procs? Or should we only use trash on clear cast procs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardner View Post
    Using shred only when we have like berserk or hero or clear cast proc, is that correct?
    Yes, this is correct.

    As for Thrash, the conditions for using it are almost the same, clearcasting proc, Berserk, Hero, or any period with high energy regen. Though however, you should use it when you're sitting at 5 CP while pooling energy.

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    question, if i have 5 CP do i Ferociouse bite or apply Trash, trash is on the target but about to fall off or is not on it?
    Which has priority?

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    If you are FB'ing as CP dump, will you have enough energy to get a 5CP rip up before it drops? If yes then FB first, if not then thrash and save the CP for Rip. That's at a guess m8, I've not played feral the last couple of tiers. Clearly you want to thrash with ooc procs, is regen at a stage now where it's worth hardcasting thrash outside of Beserk?

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    Apparently it is now, so even if you hard cast it, it will still provide a slight dps increase. But what i have found is if you try keeping trash up as much as possible without falling off much it is hard to get Ferocious bites in because you wont have enough energy to do a 5 CP bite and then still reapply your bleeds when necessary. It looks like its more like you do ether more Ferocious bites or keep uptimes on Trsah high.

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