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    Quick DKP bonus rolls

    (This is not a discussion on the merits of such a loot system, but rather on modifying the addon.)

    My guild currently uses the Quick DKP addon to assist with loot distribution. When an item drops, raiders can type /roll for a normal 1-100 bid or type "bonus" which will do a 1-100 roll then add on all of their earned DKP (up to 100) to give them a new roll. The addon tracks all rolls and bonus rolls then announces the winner. It works fine but the addon is set up to keep bonus rolls hidden so that only the loot master can see them.

    While this is fine for most raid nights, we did have to get a couple of pugs the other night and they didn't really like rolling a 97 only to get beat by a mysterious bonus roll. We would like the ability to change the addon to announce the bonus roll in raid chat so it can be compared to the regular rolls.

    Is anyone familiar with this addon and know a setting that can be changed to do this? I have been looking through the LUA code to try and find a way to modify it but without any success so far.

    The addon can be found here: http://www.quickdkp.com/index.php/downloads

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    or you could not use the addon with pugs sure it sucks for the people in your raid group who have been after items for months, but sticking to regular rules when 3+ of the group is pugs is a bit much....

    i raid lead and i had to pug 2 people so i asked the mains to get on there alts, all who had like 10 coins each, and we just /rolled everything....

    trying to stick to normal DKP stuff with pugs doesnt work it ends up causing shit for your guild in the server community.
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