Thread: raf issues?

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    raf issues?

    I recently used RaF on a friend and I have yet to get any benefits from it. He is now lvl37 and cannot grant levels due to it being greyed out. He has upgraded and paying the subscription. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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    The mounts take about a week to arrive on the referring account (yours I presume).

    Grant a level only works if the toon granting the levels is higher than the one receiving it. So if your friend gets to 85 he will have 42 levels (you get 1 grant a level every 2 levels), which can be applied to anyone lower level than him, ie he can't grant any higher than 85. If you're both 37 now he can't use his grant a levels on you. I advise leveling to 85 together, then applying the 42 grant a levels to your low level alts.

    Is the RAF XP boost working when you quest/dungeon/etc together? If so then it should all be working. You also need to be in about 5-10 levels of each other for that to work (IIRC).
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    maybe thats it I'm 4 lvls higher because I have Heirlooms and he doesn't so I usually play ffxiv while he catches up. Is there a buff for the +xp that I can see?

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