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    Any good guides for Enhancement Shamans in challenge modes?

    I'm starting challenge modes with my guild. Last night we missed a gold by one second. I know we could have gotten it if I had been better geared. I feel like i'm holding the group back. Feels bad man.

    I can't seem to find any guides for Enhancement shamans any where. Does anyone have a loot list for challenge modes? I want to get a better trinket for the runs.

    I also want to get some class specific tips to make the runs go better.

    Can anyone help?

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    You can try this https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/...9-771686bc5875

    You can also use Renataki's. H WF is always the best version of a piece of gear to have especially if it has expertise or hit on it. Go into proving grounds to do reforging .

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    Here's a flow chart to preparing for CMs, from most to least important:

    -Know the basic workings of your class (I.e. know how to do decent Dps/healing/tanking, understand the obvious effects of your CDs)
    -Know a viable tactic
    -Chose the relatively easy ones first
    -Have a good setup
    -Know your class in-depth (do optimal DPS/healing, perfect cd use, etc)
    -optimize gear

    Focus on the first 3 first, and you'll be finishing the first few with minutes spare.

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    pull more trash and use cd's on those (not you but the rest of your group).
    FS>FN works a lot better then. I've ran a few with just mastery stacked enhancers and they are quite good. You also have the strength to get out of melee range and still do dps with that.

    use ascendance+EM on bosses since your biggest strength is ST burst.

    Like the poster above said, make a tactic with using cd's etc. A lot of time can be saved just by using cd's correctly and doing more trash at the same time.
    Normally tank nor healer need cd's or mana for bosses (except if you pull them with trash). Doing trash pack by pack without using cd's is usually a lot harder than pulling more packs and popping a lot of cd's and lining them up with stuns etc.

    Tho 1 sec ain't too bad, practise makes perfection.

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