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    Several dozen runs pre-nerf and then I got it in ~70 runs after nerf

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    Back in BC, new player was asking politely for a run through Strat in trade. I wasn't doing anything and they seemed articulate enough to be more tolerable than most new players asking for something in trade, so I offered my help.

    The mount drops at the end and even though group loot is on the new player graciously passes. One of the quickest karmic turnarounds I've ever experienced.

    Awesome mount, still use it with some xmog sets.
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    Ran it back in vanilla, ugh what a mess that was. Got it on 60ish, can't imagine the people who ran it into the hundreds.
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    Does the failbag count from the CTA from dungeons count?

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    502 kills so far, no mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazzorx View Post
    Does the failbag count from the CTA from dungeons count?
    Yep, I guess so. It's you being lucky. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolftech View Post
    502 kills so far, no mount.
    O.o I feel really sorry for you man, that must suck so much... :P

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    300+ since vanilla, dropped when I was on an alt and I lost the roll to someone with 40 achievement points on their account. At that point I couldn't even be mad, it was too funny. =)

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    Been over 4 years now, still nothing. I would have to guess around over 600 runs on various characters...

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    I got mine back in Wrath on my druid. I can't remember why I was running it, but it definitely wasn't for the mount... got it on my third run.

    I think I was trying to get the Wildheart set for funsies around town, or maybe it was rep. :l

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    I think it took me 5 runs a few years back.

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    I did over 3000 runs (including old boss). Then got it in my third call to arms bag for tanking a 5 man when they implemented those >.<

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    Got mount on 489th run.

    6 Swords.

    Twisting Nether EU

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    I got stupidly lucky, I guess. I was in there strictly for the exalted achievement in Wrath, and it dropped on my 11th and final run. I hadn't really considered farming for the mount, just the Argent Dawn rep. Needless to say I was excited.

    Now the Kara mount on the other hand, I was really lucky. It dropped on my 3rd actual mount farm run, probably my 5th kill total.

    And the green proto-drake from the Oracle eggs in Wrath? 3rd week as well.

    Maybe I should stop while I'm ahead. There's got to be some sort of karmic retribution coming for me...

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    Got it on my first try shortly after the patch came out that increased the drop rate to what it is now.
    Before that I never even considered going for it and never saw it drop as well.
    The Fiery Warhorse still eludes me though...

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    It dropped and I won it on my first ever run of the instance.

    I can't prove that it was on my first run but you can see that I got the Stratholme achievement and deathcharger achievement on the same day.

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    Got it on my second run...

    August 2009

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    297 runs on one toon....less than 20 all others....

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    Statistics page says 153, I believe thats 153 since he was renamed to Aurius Rivendare. I also farmed it many times before that change, and I do not yet have the mount.
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    160 odd I think. One of my guildys who was genuinely insane ran it over 360 times for herself and then continued running it with a friend afterwards so he could get his. Not sure how many tries that took. If that were me, then "more than one" would constitute too many.
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    I farmed that place or over 2 years and never saw the mount. Idk how many blades I looted, but it was enough to build the mount out of them!

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