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    112 runs, 2 blades, 0 mounts.

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    Took me 17 runs. By buddies hated me.

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    I believe this was originally the rarest drop in the game, approx 1/5000 drop rate. It was substantially increased in wotlk (likely due to the mount achievement) and may have been increased further based on some posts here, but folks who got theirs in classic or bc were likely very few and far between.

    I actually do have the runeblade, who knows how many efforts, certainly not 100. 50 over the years?
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    The first time I ever ran it, It dropped for me. (This was back in Wrath, I believe. A while ago at least) Then a week later, a friend of mine was doing his run and I went along with him. It dropped for him that run. A few days after that, another friend of mine and I were in Skype. I was joking to him that I was lucky and I could get it to drop for him if I went with him. We did and it dropped for him.

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    Always thought that mount was ugly. I got mine from a Satchel of Cosmic Mysteries unexpectedly. Also got a green proto-drake from one too.
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    Around 400 recorded runs, and around 400 more before achi system

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    Took me about 70-80 runs.
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    It took me about 115 runs to get the mount, and by that time I had already 3x Runeblades of Baron Rivendare.

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    I'm currently at about 400, maybe just under.

    Fuck Rivendare. Fuck him right in his undead bum. With my sword preferably.
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    500+ runs 10 swords further and still no damn mount!

    Do I smell hate aroma?!?

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    I'm on over 200 now - no mount.

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    I never actually tried to farm Rivendares charger, but while I was farming AD rep in WotLK for Argent Champion title I had one drop on my 7th and then 13th runs.

    The second one had to be left on his body since it was a duplicate item and i was running solo :/

    Many angry guildies that day.

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    5 Runs, that epic sword also dropped but i farmed that on my rogue so that had to go as vendor trash.

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    Got over 200 mounts and still don't have that one.

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    Got it while leveling my 2nd character. So 6 dungeons if im not mistaken.

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    Never been a mount hunter, but I have a few rare ones, including this one, that I have gotten on my first run or didn't even know it dropped. But transmog stuff with like 15-20% drop chance can take months to get. WTT mount luck for gear luck.
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    I got mine on run 227

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    It took me well over 3781 kills I had recorded pre-statistics sheet. With all the buggy things that happened with statistics early on, including the non-counting of "Aurius Rivendare" early on in Cata, I'd say i'm over 4000.

    Ended up getting it on my priest alt in a random.
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    I lost count years ago. Never got the mount, though I have picked up the Runeblade. I almost had a heart attack when I looted Baron and saw something purple in there, but that quickly turned to disappointment/nerdrage when I saw it wasn't the mount.

    edit: I actually did see the mount drop one time, but that was at level 60 in Classic WoW (meaning I was in a group and had to roll against 4 other people). I didn't win the roll, obviously.

    It'd be my damn luck that I'll see it again in a group on some lowbie alt and lose the roll again.
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