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    Trinket Help!!!

    Hello there my ret is facing a problem
    atm im caught in between these 4 trinkets

    Evil eye of Galakras (lfr)
    Brutal talisman of the shado pan assault
    Fabled feather of Ji-kun(LFR)
    and Alacrity of xuen (timeless)

    my armory link is the following:
    thnx a lot for the help in advance

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    I'd go Evil eye with alacrity for a few reasons. For me I would try to find the combo that not only gives the highest ilvl so you can jump in flex quickly, but I'd also aim for the closest Bis trinket combo. Since you don't have thok's trinket, then I would go for alacrity with all that haste.

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    I'm not the best ret here but static haste is what you are looking for. Alacrity is a haste proc, so not optimal.
    There is a trinket comparison table somewhere in here and if I'm not mistaken LFR feather is ahead of Alacrity.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I would go with Eye&Feather, especially if you can afford to hug over half of hitcap on the feather. It got nerfed with 5.4, but I feel more comfortable with it than with the alacrity on my alt-ret.
    And for item level.. just equip the feather for combat while having the 535 one just for oqueue or inspect times as far as I remember the rppm trinkets had stable "time from last proc" set on boss-combat start, so there should be no problems with hours before proc.

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    Eye is definitely the #1 trinket on that list in as for the #2 trinket...
    -if you can afford the hit on the feather (ex. not be way hit cap even after reforging out of all hit on your gear) than feather is best
    -if you can't afford the hit even after all reforging (very possible) xuen is the best
    -if you are past 30% haste AND you CAN'T afford the hit AND you CAN afford all the expertise on the talisman, then it would be best
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