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    1st World problem: claiming something 1st World problems...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inval1d View Post
    It's just a game, true. The time people are comitting to it is very real though and thus they will tend to get upset if it is wasted by someone without any apparent reason. Give the guy a chance to explain, if he doesn't bother, axe him.
    Yup, just cause it's a game does not mean its not time. 9 other people = 9x the time wasted
    Content drought is a combination of catchup mechanics and no new content.

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    1st World problems: the joke behind 1st world problems
    Your powers are useless on me you silly billy...

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    I've raid leaded and recruited for my previous guild during tot hc and soo hc, and if i was you i would find a suitable replacement. He should stay in the guild but tell him that he is now on the bench until he can commit to your raiding schedule, and when that time comes you can work out if you can factor him back in or he will have to stay on the bench. If he doesn't like it then he will leave and the potential fall out appears to be small as the friends that suggested him to join want him out too.

    EOD progression is progression. In order to progress you need dedicated raiders. If IRL issues come up then its time to move to the bench. Once IRL issues go away maybe someone else has IRL issues and he can have their main spot etc.


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