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    Running LFR this late in the expansion

    I'm just curious how many people are running LFR for gear this late in the xpac.

    I currently have 7 level 90s (working on getting all 11 classes to 90 before WoD drops), yet I am not running LFR at all.

    Are you guys doing it for fun? Gear? Bored and have nothing else to do?

    Reason I'm asking is because, based off past expansions, gear is replaced within the first few levels, so to me it seems pointless if you are doing it to 'gear up'.

    Certainly not judging, just honestly curious.

    Have a great day!
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    I plan on running LFR soon, but just to see the content mostly. I only started back a couple months ago in prep for WoD so everything is still "new" to me.

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    I have about 3 "main alts" that I enjoy playing that are fully LFR geared. My main does Flex, mainly for shot at the heirlooms but also to get better gear.

    WoD is a very, VERY long ways off no matter what you hear otherwise. Beta hasn't even started yet, and that is going to be 3-6 months. You have plenty of time to improve your characters and if nothing else it means you'll be able to hop right into the starting zone killing things fast enough to quest efficiently, and be able to sell or disenchant all quest gear for gold or materials.

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    I haven't run it in a while. Got my cloak on 5 toons. On nights when we're not doing progression through heroics (because people are missing), I bring alts into normal runs and get them some gear that way. I have no desire to run LFR with the typical type of person that goes in there for free loot.

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    The only reason I run LFR recently is for my Weekly Titan Runestone Drops. But my recent boosted character I have run a few to get him up to Par with the Flex Ilevel so I can start doing those.

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    Got 9 90's, only play 1 currently (my lock), the rest I barely touch. Don't see much point in gearing them now. Don't do LFR, its just a pain.

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    I only do old LFR's (T14 and 15) for legendary stuff

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    Only on the one character I have left that I care to do the legendary quest line on and he's 2 titan runestones away from being done. Otherwise, no, way too much fail happening on any fight that requires any type of individual coordination at all. It's pretty bad that they felt the need to nerf Horridon in LFR at this point in the game.
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    I am currently sitting on 9 lvl 90 alliance characters, a lvl 87 priest, and lvl 86 mage, as the last two classes i need in 90. then on top of that i got a lvl 90 horde rogue aswell.

    i'm gonna gear my alts up in lfr, while i focus on normal/hc on my main (lock), and flex/normal on my alt (prot pala), and as much pvp gear as i can get on my rogues, as i only pvp on those :-) when that is done, i guess i will max out some more professions, got 2x blacksmith, 2x leatherworking, and still need inscribtion, tailoring and enchanting to have all profs.

    then get 11 horde 90 aswell i guess (haven't used a boost yet)

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    some people need to have multiple raid ready characters.

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    I still run it on some alts. Legendary quest line, mostly. A few undergeared slots, too. Despite the usual fantasy-land delusions you'll get from anti-LFR threads (not calling yours out, btw, it's not) LFR is still a bit overtuned for random, communication-deprived PuGs and they'd do well to nerf it down even further.

    God I remember so many people whining about how "easy LFR is get rid of it waaah" when Garalon was first added and the wipe counter for that (pre-determination obviously) would reach the teens. They had to straight-up put a 10-second cooldown on his crush because no force in the universe can stop Rogues from standing underneath a boss.
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    I try to run lfr. Then I get so annoyed that I just give up.
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    Agree that lfr grade gear will probably not help you a lot when it comes to gearing up for WoD, maybe hc gear wont be replaced immediately but quest greenies are probably better than lfr gear. Currently doing only hc raids with guild on hunter, have 2 lvl 90 alts. I can only do like 1 lfr before I think, 'wow this is so boring' again.... plus, like you're saying, dont really see the point of gearing them with lfr gear. Only flex is a bit of fun since you actually have a bit of interaction with your team.

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    I still use LFR a lot. I took a major break from the game not long after 5.3 and have only recently returned.

    I have 8 90's. I don't take all of them through every week, just a select two or three. My goal is to get 4-piece tier on all of them. I have only just managed that on two of them so there is still a lot of gear to collect.

    As to the actual LFR experience itself, I agree that it is getting worse as time passes, but I remember the same thing happening in Cata. The thing that annoys me the most is the waiting to fill spots when people drop from the group. Just this weekend, we had a couple of wipes on Garrosh and over the course of 5 minutes, 17 people left the raid including all the tanks and healers. I hung around for another 15 mins without any sign of the group filling and then eventually left. The lack of patience of some people exacerbates this problem.

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    I do when I'm bored, but it's a nightmare now. Ironically more than before.

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    My main does HMs but I am (very slowly, very casually) lfring my alts through. Right now a brm monk, next target will be my old ele/resto shaman.

    Mostly the reason has nothing to do with gear and everything to do with a relatively safe playground in which to learn my rotation, cooldowns, and fire-escape mechanics. Things change in new expansions but rarely is the change so dramatic that it shakes the core of the class, so I want to learn them all both to avoid burnout and to have backup if it's ever time to put my hunter out to pasture.

    This may sound odd, but I love tanking LFR. Angry pugs don't get under my skin and I'm learning the fight from a whole new perspective. With both rdps and healing it's so easy to do it with one eye closed that it's purely a slog.
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    I actually WOULD run it if I was running my 90's, but like other people have said, I'm trying to get my characters to 90 before WoD drops. Yes, I realize that it's aways off, but I have 8 characters left, minus the rogues which btw rogues suck.

    Stage one has been getting them all to 60, almost there, from there on to 90! Then, gear up with Timeless gear, then off to raid something, likely via LFR.

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    Yes, I love the transmog gear for some classes;

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    Currently only doing it to get the Legendary Cloak on one toon, so that opens up Ordos for all future toons. Otherwise I may not step foot in there again. As others have mentioned, it's horrible lately, a combination of apathy from longer term players, and insta-90s who don't really know what they are doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racthoh View Post
    some people need to have multiple raid ready characters.
    For what though? I know some Mythic raid guilds will require you to have multiple characters at launch, but I fail to see how LFR will help that cause.

    Basically what I figured the responses would be.

    Is running LFR right now more painful than before due to the all the boosted characters? I haven't touched it since the boost was available.
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