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    [Elemental] About professions

    Hi! Actually, my ele shaman has enchanting and jewelry as professions. I'm thinking about changing one of these for learning engineering. Which one would you change?

    Thx in avance

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    With the currently mentioned WoD changes and the versatility Enchanting has, I don't see their being much competition.

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    Currently it's what I'm rolling with at the moment is the same as you.

    Honestly now that professions pretty much are balanced, as in the personal perks, you just really have to look at what is more convenient for yourself.

    I myself am doing a wait and see of what happens to JC with the release of WoD, since I haven't really gotten into it since I changed at the beginning of BC. My first shaman was Herb/Alch, and I loved it to do death. Quite honestly the reason why I switched is Enchanting is incredibly useful, and I dropped Alch just mainly because JC was a new and shinny thing.

    As for Engineering, it has its uses, but I've never been a huge fan of it, but I will stress though that's my personal opinion.

    At the end of the day you just need to go what feels good.

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    Id switch out of JC, with WoD having a much lesser emphasis on gems and the fact JC doesn't have a lot of goodies I don't really see the need for JC anymore.
    My sham's JC/Engineering and I'm also thinking of getting rid of JC in favour of ench.

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