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    Just like LFR, welfare epic is always welcome.

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    The Timeless Isle model is great. The content and lore wasn't necessarily the best ever, but the concept of Timeless Isle's gameplay with, say, 5.1's content is fantastic. I fully expect to see fantastic max-level outdoor content in WoD.

    This kind of self-paced content works much better than the time-driven monotony of daily quests.

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    All in all I like the TI model a lot - but I AM worried that Blizz might take the wrong lessons from this when moving into WoD.

    For example, what I enjoyed are the random rewards you can discover - but honestly I do not necessarily enjoy the method of "mass killing everything that lives and breathes over and over again" to find it. It feels literally like perpetual farming of rapidly respawning raid trash.

    I enjoyed the silver elites that spawned and REALLY enjoy that we can kill them COOPERATIVELY. I wish they would've extended that to ALL mobs, not just the silver elites.

    I enjoyed all the "buff" items that made farming there a lot easier. I did NOT enjoy having my bags filled with MORE extra crap I had to carry around.

    I enjoyed that most of the chests were specific to YOUR character per week. That was a nice touch and doesn't make you into a race-panic with other players. Indeed it would allow you to cooperate with them to SHOW them how to get to the chests instead.

    I enjoyed how everybody we met over in Pandaria, NPC wise, finally groups up here for a big send-off, so to speak.

    One thing I'm worried about is if they plan to put this forward into WoD, I think TI works well because it's a SMALL island. Barely half a zone's worth in size. I can't imagine zone-wide aspects of racing back-and-forth for endless mob-farming.

    I also don't want mob-farming to become the main focus of the game either. I REALLY REALLY enjoyed Pandaria's "optional" gameplay alternatives - which is what a REAL MMORPG should have! I want those to have just as much impact as TI Mob Farming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toobad View Post
    The only thing I dislike about it is the Censer of Agony.

    It's usually a rogue/hunter/druid who will jump on you out of stealth, blow his CDs and then stealth again. Or a druid camping the flight master and if anyone dares to fight back, he will just jump into the water and swim as deep as possible.

    But that's just Blizz doing blizz things - kill WPvP, then try to "reintroduce" it without actually thinking it through first.

    Rest of the content was fine though, I can imagine more zones like this.
    That's what WPVP has ALWAYS been like.

    Minus the "level 90 1-shotting a level 10" part.
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    I believe they both were and so was the Isle of Thunder! I got my Shaohao rep to exhaulted, grinded 9999 bones, and did about everything on Isle of Thunder so I got my time's worth of stuff out of all of it.

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    Im mystified that people like it. Once you've run around and gotten gear... there's nothing to do. Yeah, you can kill a rare... for coins. You can get a mount off Houlon, yippee (love that the mount that drops is a flying mount... in a place where you cannot fly). You can kill a Celestial (same as other tiers, a world boss) and Ordos if you have the cloak. It was repetitive, devoid of story and the rewards sucked. Yet people LIKED it?

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    It depends on the definition of "success". It had plenty of people in it? For sure. But were they there because they enjoyed it so much or because of the loot pinata? Why would someone enjoy TI after the first week? What would be the reason? Running from rare to rare on add-on call is exciting? Well, fuck me up the ass and call me Suzie if this is the future of WoW...

    I did experience that shit in GW2, running from temple to temple, didn't last very much for me, about a week also

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