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    WoD Beta, Questing zone lore, spoilers,gameplay,news,garrison I will provide you all!

    Hello Guys,

    Ive got invite to beta last friday and ive completed whole shadowmoon valley and frostfire ridge, i know there has been many videos but i just want to put here whole summary for those who missed something and as im really grateful for getting beta key, i wanna share my experience with you also spoilers will be here so SPOILER ALERT! Also ask whatever question you want regarding WoD of course and i will try provide answers. Thanks

    As you start you will teleported by khadgar to draenor where big quest chain and also introduction to warlords of draenor begins. Main character is khadgar who seems to be pretty strong and as for horde there is Thrall and for alliance there is Vindicator Maraad which look pretty badass when he pop up his paladin wings and also got that hammer with purple stone as head of hammer from burning crusade cinematics. The thing is you have to shut down the portal which appears is getting powered by guldan and shadow council. You have to release them so you will free major characters as Chogall, Therongor ( Theron Gorefiend black temple boss) and Guldan himself. After that you are running from iron horde and you will always get in way with one of the warchiefs, for example you will run to the arena where kargath bladefist will be introduced and you will have to kill 100 iron horde orcs to escape, big role there of course plays khadkar who will save you with his strong spells and for example you will meet great Nerzhul who will try to bury you in underground chambers , i wont spoil more because as it was just beta and pretty unfinished it was really exciting. Just one more spoiler you will save drek-thar and exarch malaadar ( last boss from auchenai crypts burning crusade) they will try to burn them alive, you will also meet other old characters from TBC as for example last boss from blood furnance dungeon.

    Horde : Frostfire ridge, as you came there first thing you do is build up your garrison, you will have quest where you will have reward garrison resources, find new guys for you missions and build up buildings of course, there isnt much regarding garrison as there are only starting zones opened and its still buggy. You will meet Durotan ( father of thrall) which will lead you through whole frostfire ridge quest line. The story is that frostwolf are exiled from iron horde and they are against Thunderlord clan and Ogres in order to survive the winter there they need new home so you have to fight ogres and capture blade spire fortress for yourself ( pretty epic figts there) There is also character Ganar who is brother of Durotan and he is pretty recless ( reminds me hellscream with his attitude) and trying to do all things by himself because as Durotan is wise leader he wont rush in to battle without thinking. After capturing blade spire fortress you have to deal with Thunderlord clan and you have push them back to Gorgrond. On the map you have main story and side quests and you will see how far you in story you actually are. Side quests provide you often new companions and stuff for garrison.

    Alliance : Same as horde build up garrison and then you are working with Maraad, Yrel ( young priesstess and also main character) and Velen.
    You will see as yrel innocent draenei is building up her personality and her character through whole shadowmoon valley. From start she will be pretty innocent and scared but nerzhul will took her sister and sacrifice her and then something will break up withing her and she will get mad and badass. As for nerzhul whole story there is that nerzhul is working with Void magic and he is trying to find out Dark Star which will gave him power that whole iron horde and draenei will submit. You will find Rulkan who is wife of nerzhul and leader of exiled part of shadowmoon clan. The thing is nerzhul wasnt really "bad or evil"
    The iron horde warchief Grom Hellscream with Garrosh will find nerzhul and ask him to join iron horde or die. Nerzhul has nothing to offer and shadowmoon clans are all shamans and not warriors. Then nerzhul was forced to void magics which shadowed his hearth and mind as he said he would do anything to make his clan to survive and also kept secrets from Grom and others with Dark Star stuff as he wanted probably revenge as he wont submit before anyone. He will do many evil things there and Velen will always try to help him to purify him from Void energy but he fails as nerzhull is long lost. In big finale you have to fight nerzhull because he finds or summon ( not sure) dark star and there is cinematic which is black and after that nerzhull is nowhere and velen is dead and big naaru is there also. So no idea what happens but Velen is dead dont worry our present Velen is alive. Marrad and Yrel will take leadership for draenei also Akama and exarch Maladaar are there to help . I know many of you felt dissapointed that nerzhull will die in dungeon and you would like to see him in Raid, i shared your opinion too but when i played through whole shadowmoon valley, I realize that it is all about nerzhul and there is much nerzhull stuff everywhere and that dungeon is a great finale so for me its better to fight nerzhul and his forces for hours to complete all quests then go to raid in kill him in few minutes. But its a matter of opinion. After that you are going to defend temple of karabor ( black temple) from iron horde pretty big fights there and very exciting. Blizzard have done really great job to improve questing experience but haters will always find something they dont agree with as for me i love story of Warcraft universe, ive read all books and im really looking forward for this expansion and also PVP looks very promising this time as im really tired from MOP 45634924823 times CCed in arena and also SYMBIOSIS IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know its old information but im still happy

    Changes: Stats squish i noticed on lvl 91-92 that im critting max for 8K so nothing that bad as many people hate and its just changes you will get used to it very fast believe me.There are lots of rare elits, there are something like random events on the map ( kill something , defend something, pick something), also what i noticed there was a huge building named Time lost tower or something like ( kairoz work i guess) that and when you enter there is big slow motion there and you can loot dead bodies there for some nice blue items. What i noticed and was pretty happy about as for example i went to mines where ogre where working and some of them were exhausted and they were breathing heavily and they got different animations each, which are minor details there im pretty happy about because the all enemy NPC does not do same actions as they did. So the game does not look anymore like all npc are brainless and it gives the game more " life" if you know what i mean, but you have to play it and see it only then you will understand what i ment and you will all noticed those details, its really hard to describe by words. As per quest pretty much same you have to kill collect or explore something but there is much more " Story feeling there" which is pretty exciting. Blizzard really worked to details in here as new battle animations , new character models and news animations for spells also. Music is BRILLIANT!!!!!! My favorite soundtracks where from MOP but this are pretty competitive.

    Thanks all for now if any question please ask sure i have forgot lots of things to mention as there is lots of stuff also for people who dont know lore i strongly recommend to read books Rise of the Horde, Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal. Also english isnt not my main language and i tried to explain everything fast and in short version so probably many mistakes are there.

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    enjoyeble yet long heavy read. can i sugest deviding it in somewhat smaller pieces so its more enjoyeble to go trough tho?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sagajin View Post
    enjoyeble yet long heavy read. can i sugest deviding it in somewhat smaller pieces so its more enjoyeble to go trough tho?
    It wasnt heavy read for me when i read it and i think alliance players will read alliance part and horde their so but thanks for opinion

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    don't bother this won't get any attention anyway

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