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    Is WoW really social anymore?

    Been trying to bring back the social atmosphere into WoW. Bring back the kind of guild that was around in Lich.

    Do you think that WoW has lost its community?

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    If I were you, I would ask that question here

    But IMHO WoW has lost the social charm many years ago.

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    No, it is not and hasn't been for a while. Everything can be done solo, even raiding (no, LFR/LFD is not a social effort, those other 24/4 players might as well be NPCs).

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    WoW hasn't been social since they introduced the solo + bots mode, also known as "RDF".

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    Yep as soon as LFD came in the social levels drops greatly. Was really awkward being the only person to ever use guild chat. Even trade chat wasn't what it use to be.

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    Flying mounts, and of course over time simplicity became a huge factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvael View Post
    Flying mounts, and of course over time simplicity became a huge factor.
    Flying mounts didn't have much to do with it. There was still quite a bit of social activity through WotLK. It was Cata when it all started to die. I think the unification of 10/25 lockouts had something to do with it personally.

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    It's as social now as it's ever been, in the sense that there's nothing stopping people from being social if they really want to be.

    It just isn't forced anymore, which is a good thing.

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    WoW is basically a single player game with a chat room function. You *can* seek out the social aspect if you're willing to devote yourself to normal/heroic raiding but expect to drop 20-30 hours/week to do so minimum.
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    Very far from social. Or MMO for that matter.

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    Revamp of the guild system, Looking for X, no group quests, lack of challenging content, +++

    You can still choose to be social if you want to, but it no longer comes naturally in this game. It's barely even a benefit anymore.

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    I wouldn't say wow is not social..I mean you can get by playing solo now which is nice for lone wolfs...If you try to make friends you can easily do it.

    I've been pvping for less than a month and I already have like 5 new friends battletags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angella View Post
    WoW is basically a single player game with a chat room function. You *can* seek out the social aspect if you're willing to devote yourself to normal/heroic raiding but expect to drop 20-30 hours/week to do so minimum.
    I don't know about single player, more like small scale multiplayer on a console with a lobby.

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    I've found it's becoming everyday less social in the "old way" it used to be. Today for me it's almost a single player game with a chat that i can use to talk with my guild/ friends over wow and the other blizzard games, i haven't spoke to someone that's not in my guild since an year or more. I don't have the need to, and i don't find the urge to do so. But i think it's all a result of me becoming a bit more "introverse" and all the tools WoW it's offering to solo-while-in-group.

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    hmmm we made a social guild on twisting nether which is the only one on there which also does hc raiding it goes well but u always get the split between elitist and people who want purely social still find it hard to mix the two

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    how many posts do u have to do b4 you post a vid because i found a good one which pretty much shows it is social

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    Killing 'friends and family' guilds with the perk system in Cata sure didn't help but I hear it was improved somewhat in MoP.

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    I'd say it's very far from social. I do dungeons were people never talk, BG's were people never talk lol..... used to be the total opposite. I think the game tried to cater too hard to people that don't like to socialize to be frank, there used to be quests where you had to group up, dungeons used to require some communication, that kind of stuff.... they eliminated it despite the fact that socializing is a big part of an MMO.

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    Yes the social aspect has not changed for me in the last 10 years.
    I still have my guild full of friends and the rest of the world.

    You can now choose some other forms of social interaction with strangers too. So I would say it got more social. Might just not be the type of social activity that you personally enjoy. Which is fine, because the other types are all still there and catered for.
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    It's as social as you want it to be honestly.

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    As mentioned above there is less forced socialization, which is good. People shouldn't be forced to make goody goody with people they actually despise, just to get a blue item.
    And of course LFR and LFD destroyed the entire game and it shuts down the chat window, so you can't communicate with your fellow raiders/dungeoneers. Lies and more lies, you actually have the chance to meet thousands of people, yet people somehow forgot to press enter, type /p and say hi/hello/greetings; which is players own damn fault. The game is not the problem, we have far more tools to socialize with people, yet people just ignore that and blame the game.

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