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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesa View Post
    Flex LFR should alleviate this to some extent.
    The need for a certain amount of tanks/healers are almost always the issue flex wont do anything about the tanks and very little about healing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farora View Post
    Will Blizzard to anything to adress this? Everytime I do LFR the group wipes on a boss, everyone leaves (because they for some mysterious reason expected to one shot everything) and you are back in queue for 30 minutes again. Rince and repeat.

    Any solution planned for this?
    Organize premade LFRs with a guild, group of people on your server, OpenRaid, oQueue, etc. It will help foster a sense of community if you play with people from your own guild/server and the LFR queue system will fill the empty slot with pugs if you don't quite fill up or if someone has to leave. There are a lot of people looking for higher quality LFR experiences and I'm sure some people would also love to avoid the 1-hr long queue times Also people tend to try harder when they are not in an anonymous group, and the tanks and healers get less harassment from premade groups.

    Something to consider anyways. Our guild used to do premade LFRs during T14 but now we pretty much stick to flex/normal + hm runs for alt runs.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by roahn the warlock View Post
    That means a shit ton of burdens. And many people are not that lucky, I spend three days there farming 100k coins for the stupid mount and didn't loot one burden
    But you could have bought two for 50k coins each instead of a pointless mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingbear_grimbatol View Post
    If they don't then they simply won't get rewarded, Diablo 3 (despite it's flaws) has a great system of loot. It's all random but the more you play (and at a higher difficulty) the more you get rewarded. Do you see that in LFR? Fuck no, you hit a button -> accept queue pop -> press 1-3 buttons (most dpsers do that blindly it seems...) -> get reward.
    Er, Diablo's a solo game and WoW's an MMO, so you can't compare them in terms of endgame completion and expect the same behaviour.

    Quote Originally Posted by Huntingbear_grimbatol View Post
    How LOW has the game (and community) gone that you can basically finish the game (lowest difficulty mind you) without actually doing anything?
    Because Blizzard only care about content exposure in the lowest difficulty, because if the raid gets overexposed they are legitimised to make raids for the next set of content. LFR was required because the exposure of Firelands was so poor, no-one was seeing the raids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukazor View Post
    This is obviously just rubbish, I've been playing my boosted horde DK 90 for 2 weeks and have an ilvl of 525 and that's with running LFR, using a Garrosh heirloom, getting a warforged chest from Ordos and getting lucky with 3 burdens plus buying some 522 bits. Even with heroic SoO boss achivs people will NOT take me into Flex groups on my realm because my ilvl 'is too low'.

    So I'd love to know how you jumped straight into Flex with just timeless gear.
    Indeed. On my server it's becoming more and more common for people to ask for 550+ and AOTC for flex 4. I know people want quick runs to gear up their alts etc. but it's getting fucking ridiculous.

    EDIT: Although I should point out I can sympathize, over the course of the week I've spent roughly 4 hours wiping on Malkorok or Siegecrafter because evidently reading the dungeon journal is just too hard for some people. Ultimately the fact that people can keyboard turn their way through LFR and jump into flex with 0 knowledge about their class or boss mechanics shows a complete and total failure by Blizzard to create an environment where players learn anything.
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