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    Design a Team Tattoo.

    Been playing soccer my whole Life and 20 years ago i joined a team that i played for untill now and lately took over as a coach. a long time talk have Always been that the players that have been there forever and ever wants to get a tattoo for the team.

    So my question is, anyone wanna give it a try to design the tattoo?

    The teams colors are Black and yellow with a litle red in it, its called Färingtofta and the team "animal" is a Nightingale.

    The Team was established in 1936

    Team logo and a Picture of a RANDOM Nightingale

    If u need any more info, pls let me know, and if it will ever be used, Creds will be given

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    Sorry, my bad, clicked a bit to fast i Think, didnt notice

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    What do you mean creds will be given? Will you tattoo "Blueobelisk" under the tattoo if I draw you a good one?

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    Whatever you do, don't get one of the nightingale standing on a football, or you could end up being mistaken for these twats who have a chicken on a basketball...

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    More somthing in line with a thank you and you will be mentioned on our team site. dont Think i will get alot of ppl tattoo names in,

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    Just go with the logo. No reason to embellish it when the team has a history from 1936. If that isn't the original logo try to find an earlier one.
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