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    Pretty much this ^
    Completely agree >.> I would have done this at least on 3 or 4 different alts of mine. Move 2 Tauren to the alliance 2 Worgen to Horde. >.<
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    this was a cruel joke and i'd have probably resubbed for it but lol zenimax gets my money BYE

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    Blizzard missed a trick with this one. They should have posted a new model preview for human males, showing an extremely caricatured version of the old one (even sillier steroid abuse going on, etc).

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    Even if it was an April fool, the idea of a quest to change faction enjoyed me ! I found the idea very great but sounds difficult to implement

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    I also like the idea of this qeust.

    Lorewise horrible, but then again they could also put up new fun-servers with alot of crazy things.

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    I like they did something this year but I think they went way too obvious with it. Still better then almost nothing like the last two years.

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    Wow, I'm a day late seeing this one. I got a good laugh out of it like the others. Well done MMO-C.

    I think it would a cool idea if it was real though.

    /quietly snickers at all the posters who think this a Blizzard April Fool joke and their raging.
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    Karma always has the last laugh.

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    Funny thing is, this is almost an exact copy of the Betrayal quests from Everquest 2 , basicly faction swapping between light & dark or vice versa with your race.
    I had two dark elves in Qeynos as a result heh

    ofc that made the joke all the more believable and i practically walked right in to it until someone pointed the date out
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    is this really april fools, i mean sure i was watching it too also the 1st of april, but well it isnt listed in bluepost of jokes, neither is the date on that achivment 1st of april but 1st of march since were in the 4th month now not third?

    NVM JUST saw the point of aftermath banking said everything.
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