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    Daily updated WoW demographics statistic

    Hi there.

    Tried to find a WoW demographic statistic with possibility to analyse and filter by specs and roles and couldn't find it.

    So i've decided to make my own, with blackjack and you-know-what...

    And here we go:

    • Over 10 mil characters from all regions (except mainland China).
    • Nice google diagrams, which are interactive and can be used for filtering.
    • A lot of different analysises, including specs, roles and skills.
    • Filter and analyse in realtime.
    • Daily updated statistic.

    Asian stats are incomplete a bit, but should be ok in few days.






    Statistic itself is here: http://wowraider.net/demography/en/

    - - - Updated - - -

    Added several data samples into statistic:
    • All top-level characters
    • Defeated flex Garrosh
    • Defeated Garrosh 10 normal
    • Defeated Garrosh 25 normal
    • Defeated Garrosh 10 heroic
    • Defeated Garrosh 25 heroic
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