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    Moonkin keybinds...

    So I've picked up my druid again that I kind of neglected since 5.3 and switched from feral to balance. Obviously not a decision based on what's op, but just what I enjoy. Anyway. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the spells and specifically the spells in different forms. So I have a couple of questions for all you experienced boomy's if you would kindly help me out.

    1) how important would you consider using the abilities in cat, and bear form are? Do you even bother, or are they important in pvp? Also is it worth it to even keybind in the non moonkin form?

    2) the follow up question has to do with keybinding. What are some setup you discovered being optimal for playing a druid? Keep in mind I do play with a Naga.

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    I dabble in moonkin so I don't claim to be an expert....with that in mind

    1) I personally don't use cat/bear abilities but I do use things like Dash, might of Ursoc, swapping to cat form for movement, just utility stuffs

    2) Main keybinds are going to be things like Moonfire, Sunfire, Wrath, Starsurge, starfire, and starfall. Those are bound to my main keys around my movement keys. I use a macro to bind together Incarnation and Celestial Alignment as well as a macro for HoTW/Tranq. Other than that you'll need to find binds for survivability stuffs (Barkskin, Symbiosis (I find taking a defensive usually from a DK, Rogue or Warlock to be most benefitial)).

    Some other minor keybinds are things like Ursol's Vortex, Typhoon, Mushrooms (recommend mushrooms on your mouse since they have to be placed)

    One of the major aspects to playing moonkin (in its current form) is making sure you're tracking your procs and your dots.

    "Optimal" is kind of up to you and what you're comfortable with

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