Currently I am not flagged for beta so I am unable to post this on the official WoD forum. Instead I am posting it here. Anyone who does have beta access, if you feel that these ideas have merit please feel free to post them on the official forums to hopefully have a better chance at being seen.

Although we have not received all the information about professions yet I do have some ideas which I believe would flush out the system:
1) No more in combat profession perks – This is already done. Fin.
2) Use the garrison/housing system as the sole source of professions – The character based leveling system for professions is antiquated and very limiting. With the removal of the combat profession bonus there is really no reason to stop at two. Also, with a transition to garrison based professions only you can make the leveling process more dynamic and fun. This idea of course hinges on the player housing system being available each xpac. Perhaps at the end of WoD and the wind down of that confrontation our resources (not literal garrison resources) move with us back to Azeroth to form our own base. Given that this would be an xpac transition it can be more of an event and perhaps have many locations available around the world for us to build our permanent settlement. Any future content we can access the new levels of professions using some sort of forward base for our own personal army.
3) Dynamic leveling – Instead of having the system we have lived with for a decade to level our professions it can be made more engaging using the tech which is already in place in the garrisons. There can be two ways to level up our crafting: follower quests, and individual effort (turn-ins). Follower quests would essentially be gated and provide slower leveling with the advantage of providing material rewards (just like current quests) as well as have a much lower cost. For the person who wants to level up as fast as possible they can turn items into their crafting NPC for them to learn with much more quickly.
4) Bring back the amazing profession items! – BC was the greatest time for professions. They were unbalanced but gave you something to strive for. Perhaps something like a solo scenario quest chain which you do with your followers for great rewards would be possible. Balance would be an issue but it would be extremely interesting.
5) More access to OOC profession perks – at this point with the current profession system I cant think of a reason why you would be anything other than an alchemist and enchanter. Having the longer flasks and the ability to disenchant provides such long term benefits that it outshines anything else. These features can be taken off of the character and provided as benefits for having those housing buildings. Even if everyone chooses those two professions you will still have more options with the additional plots.
6) Secondary professions – something similar can be done with these as well. However due to the nature of them they would have to more individual. I would ideally like the see the removal of secondary and gathering professions completely. Instead of having a skill and only being able to gather/fish/whatever if you have the profession trained, everyone can perform those actions. Anyone who has the appropriate buildings in their housing are able to get bonus items from it. The associated buildings would be perfect to fit into the small plots.