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    Live auction addon


    Kind of an odd one here. I like to sell thing on the cheap in live bid style auctions in town. My main thing is Spirits of Harmony, I have a macro that links them in chat but am looking for something a little better then that.

    /2 WTS (20) [Spirit of Harmony] - Bidding style - Current bid 600 gold - Infront of the vendor in the Vale - Bid in /say - going till end of hour -I will buy the items you want

    That is what I use. I am wondering if anyone knows an addon that would do something like that in say every min or so and will spit out some ones name when they bid in say on the item.

    Sort of how trivbot works when some one says the right answer to a question


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    Yes it is possible to create but I wouldn't recommend it, it is far too easy to troll the system.
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    probably no one wrote that addon because people not interested will just start spamming random values

    not to mention there's an auction house and the few items you can't list are usually sold directly w/o auctions
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