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    6.0 RDruid Glyphs

    What do you think will be the most useful glyphs in 6.0 and why?

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    Healing Touch, Rejuvenation for sure. We're going to be using Healing touch much more often as a filler.

    Next can be wildgrowth if we find ourselves using it often enough, as or regrowth if we need a bit more burst/quick healing.

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    The Stampeding Roar glyphs have been merged so that with it we get both 30 yard radius and we will not shapeshift to Bear form.

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    What I have in mind atm:
    Raid: Stampede, WG, whatever
    PvP: Cyclone, barkskin, lifebloom/regrowth

    I think it comes down to synergy, e.g.
    - take tree and regrowth glyph for burst heals on the move
    - if you take SotF, don't take regrowth glyph, but make sure you have WG glyphed
    - like krazyito mentioned, combine ht and rejuv glyph

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